Guide to Different Types of Jewelry Styles For Men | 7 Best Styles of Jewelry For Men

Picture this, you enter Goldman Sachs, NY, and are greeted by a well-dressed investment banker. Aside from his well-tailored suit, your eyes are immediately drawn to the tie pin, cufflinks, and ring he wears. Each accessory perfectly complements the dark hues of the suit, making the man look like a million bucks. Hi, my name is Christopher, and you have just met me. A full-time investment banker at Goldman Sachs and a fashion enthusiast at heart.

Today, I will not give you any financial advice or recommend which stocks to invest in. Instead, I will let you in on a little secret. A secret about how I gained so much confidence and became the best at my job. As simple as it sounds, my secret is dressing the part. If I am going to work in a million-dollar industry, I must look like I belong. A good sense of style is not just buying designer suits; it is about putting together a look. This is where accessories, in particular jewelry, come into play. Let me guide you on the types of jewelry and styles of jewelry. It doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman; accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to elevate any outfit.

types of jewelry for men

Types of Jewelry for Men

 It doesn't matter what your profession is; in my opinion, dressing is part of bringing your A-game in any occupation. While jewelry is most often associated with women, there are plenty of types of jewelry that men can rock. If you want to make a statement and create a memorable impression on people, you must adopt specific styles of jewelry. Jewelry is an excellent way to accent what you are wearing. An Audemars Piguet watch or a Cartier Love Bracelet is subtle yet impactful pieces that speak volumes about the wearer.

Here are my favorite types of jewelry for men that are in vogue for 2022:


types of jewelry, cuff

Cufflinks are an excellent addition to any dress shirt. They can make even a fairly affordable shirt look like a high-end shirt. Wearing cufflinks is perfect for those men who generally shy away from jewelry because cufflinks are stylish yet functional.

A top tip is to invest in a pair of cufflinks. They can be versatile; a single pair can go with many different shirts. Do not hesitate to splurge a little on these. A basic silver and gold set are an absolute wardrobe staple.


types of jewelry, necklace

A fine chain around the neck can make a difference. Even though, as an investment banker, I mostly wear a suit and tie to work, that doesn't stop me from wearing a necklace or two each day. It may not show, but wearing a necklace gives me confidence, and sometimes that is what matters, not what others can see.

My recommendation is that you wear a necklace with a longer chain so it can be easily put out of sight. Also, wear something that has some weight to it but not so much that it is distracting.


types of jewelry, bracelets

Now, I am famous for wearing bracelets. I am really into crystals, and I like to wear multiple bracelets. Bracelets are really in nowadays. I mean, who needs a watch to tell the time when we all have smartphones.

Try wearing bracelets with colors that go well with each other. There should be a synchronization of colors and patterns, which is very pleasing to the eye. I put a lot of thought into which bracelets I wear, and I get lots of compliments from my co-workers and clients alike.

Tie Bars

I find that a tie bar is the best way to add an extra touch of professionalism to your look. I always wear a tie bar over my tie whenever I meet with a client. It shows I put effort into my appearance and want to look presentable.

Like cufflinks, choose a tie bar that will go with every kind of tie. You can even get a set that contains a tie bar and cufflinks. The subtle matching will bring your entire outfit together.


types of jewelry, ring

Without my rings, I honestly feel quite naked. I have at least two rings at all times. I often use my hands to express myself, and my rings add character to my hands.

Rings make a real impact when you shake hands. If you wear rings with crystals, make sure the colors coordinate well with your outfit. If they clash, it can look out of place.

Different types of Jewelry Styles and Jewelry Design

Now that you know which types of jewelry you should go for, let's explore that style of jewelry for men. Below are some of the best styles of jewelry for men:

Ocean Style

Blue is my favorite color, so naturally, any styles of jewelry with the hues of blue are my top pick. Ocean jewelry is full of cool colors with tones of bright blues and gorgeous greens. Its claiming colors look great with any look.

Ocean Style Bracelet

The sodalite stone symbolizes clarity, which helps us know ourselves at a deeper level and be empowered.

Ocean jewelry usually features crystals such as sodalite, which is a bright blue crystal. It is a crystal that provides clarity and empowers the wearer to make better decisions. These types of jewelry designs are elegant yet rustic to reflect the untethered nature of the ocean.

This ocean jewelry style bracelet featuring sodalite and silver is a sight to behold. It is striking yet elegant and can be worn by men or women alike.

§  Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style is all about embracing the natural. Natural light and organic materials like wood and stone are hallmarks of the Mediterranean styles of jewelry. It is simplistic yet full of style. From a historical perspective, this style is found in the aesthetics of south European countries. It has a natural charm that is vintage but minimalistic

Mediterranean style Bracelet

The white howlite stone symbolizes pureness. The blue lapis lazuli bracelet has been given the meaning of loyalty, bravery, and visionary.

Mediterranean style jewelry, similarly, features many natural crystals. Howlite and lapis lazuli feature heavily in designs of these types of jewelry. This bracelet, containing both these stones, is an excellent representation of Mediterranean-style jewelry. It has elements of light, from the white howlite and bright blue, from the lapis lazuli.

Bohemian Style

If I am not at work and dressing for a more casual occasion, like an outing with friends, I like to feel relaxed and at ease. The bohemian jewelry style is carefree. It has a rustic charm that defies the norms. Developed in France in the aftermath of the French Revolution, this counterculture is in sharp contrast to minimalism. Bohemian styles of jewelry are based on the cacophony of textures and colors. It is loud and lacks pattern. Freedom of expression is maximized as there are no rules to follow.

Bohemian Style Bracelets

The Chrysanthemum bracelet is a symbol of optimism and radiates joyous energy. Chrysanthemum gem, also known as Flower Stone, was derived from the Greek word “chrysos”,

Bohemian jewelry is similarly unique. It can be chunky and flashy, but that is what gives it so much personality. It makes the wearer stand out. Chrysanthemum is the most frequently used crystal in Bohemian styles of jewelry as it is a stone that exudes happiness and a carefree aura. My favorite is this Chrysanthemum bracelet which combines the raw beauty of the stone with the elegance of silver. Layer it with lots of bracelets for that true Bohemian jewelry style chic.

Japandi Style

You may have never heard of such styles of jewelry, but you are sure to fall in love with them. This is because such types of jewelry are a striking combination of Japanese elegance with the rustic simplicity of Scandinavian style. This style has warmth, sophistication, functionality, and minimalism. Beige is an important color in Japandi style jewelry, which is accented by brighter colors like greens for depth.

Japandi style Bracelet

The healing benefits of the green jasper stone restore balance and resemble an emerald elixir to reduce toxicity and anxiety.

Japandi style jewelry is a mashup of these aesthetics. It's a melding of ideas that creates a whole new aura. I own such types of jewelry pieces. Green jasper is regularly used in these styles of jewelry, and I adore this crystal due to its amazing calming properties. This green jasper bracelet is one I wear nearly every day.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian jewelry is focused on functionality and exemplary craftsmanship. Every element of this style is useful; there is no room for unnecessary things that add no value save for aesthetics.

Scandinavian Style Ring

If you are looking at one of the kind wing rings with exquisitely handcrafted finishing. The Azuro Republic silver wing ring is a fine piece of wing jewelry to collect.

I love how Scandinavian style jewelry is minimalistic yet extremely eye-catching. These types of jewelry particularly use natural materials, like silver. The craftsmanship adds beauty to any creation. This ring is Scandinavian jewelry that is made out of silver and features an exceptionally detailed dragon.

Southwestern Style

Think of a desert color palette, warm colors, and dusty tones. Natural materials and texture. This is what the Southwestern style jewelry looks like. The style is not minimalistic; instead, it is chock-full of character.

Southwestern Style Bracelets

To wear a turquoise bracelet is especially known for its ability to ward off evil, bring an optimistic view on life, and gemstones for good luck.

Among such types of jewelry, the rustic and loud look is a basic characteristic. Turquoise is a popular stone in Southwestern style jewelry as it is a natural stone that is bold and beautiful. This bracelet I bought last year is classic Southwestern style jewelry.

Zen Style

While I like my elegant and quirky pieces, sometimes I just want a little calmness. Zen style provides balancing, exceptionally soothing energy. Zen style is grounded in nature. It focused on harmonizing energies which is why I find it so comforting. 

Zen Style Bracelets

The two-faced Buddha/devil symbolizes there are two sides in every situation. Manifesting wisdom is to be compassionate and not to be judgmental.

Zen-style jewelry can be recognized due to its use of the Buddha image. This bracelet I own features a silver Buddha, which looks exquisite. The detail on this bracelet is truly inspiring and is a great source of calm for me.


by Azuro Republic