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It was a windy Sunday Evening when I sat with a few of my friends in our favorite café. When we were engaging in random conversation, my best-friend, John, pointed towards my turquoise ring and asked why I wore it every day. I smiled, knowing how he always glared at it wondering why it was my most prized possession. 

I then addressed my group of friends about the history of the Turquoise ring and the Turquoise meaning, how it has protected me from harm and how I caught inspiration from some of the most inspirational and powerful people in the world to wear the ring myself.

What Are Healing Crystals

Since the dawn of civilization, crystals have been used on numerous occasions for their healing abilities that cater to the mind, soul, and body. Over the centuries, they've been linked with promoting a healthy energy flow and have been used to rid the body of negative thoughts and emotions that lead to physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits.

Crystals have been recognized in the strata of ancient medicine and have also shown their roots in South-East Asian religions like Buddhism and Christianity. People swear by the effects of healing crystals even today, and about the positive results it has had on their lives.

So, what is the Turquoise Meaning? 

Now let’s learn about the Turquoise meaning. The Turquoise gemstone is an opaque (rarely semi-translucent) gem found in a range of colours spanning from blue to green. The stone is known for its veiny matrix that is often of a darker shade running throughout it. 

The Turquoise meaning is well-known for its purification abilities and aligns one's chakras, profoundly stabilizing the spirit. Its' deep spiritual connection with the Chakras and its ability to balance them have been why Turquoise healing properties has such a profound effect on the human body.

Its protective qualities were known to Royalties and other Dignitaries from the days of the Ancient Egyptians. Since the Turquoise meaning was assumed to have protective qualities, it was used to safeguard oneself from danger or stay protected during travels. The turquoise healing properties was also extensively used by the Native Americans as a symbol of good wealth and fortune.

The stone was finally brought to Europe through the famous Silk Road trade route. It was then worn by European Royalty throughout their reign in ornate necklaces and bracelets that further captivated the stone’s timeless beauty.

What are the Turquoise healing properties?

Turquoise meaning on healing properties are extremely intricate and plentiful. Here’s an overview of a few:

Turquoise healing properties: Physical

The turquoise has numerous health benefits that greatly aid your body to rid it of disease and illnesses. For example, the stone aids in absorbing nutrients, with one of Turquoise healing properties being the ability to profoundly enhance the human immune system.

Besides acting as a defensive layer, it actively promotes regeneration and healing within the body while also containing anti-septic effects that help alleviate pain. Turquoise helps clean your lungs and reduces inflammation in the eyes and throat for those who suffer from shortness of breath.

Turquoise healing properties: Mental

Turquoise healing properties has the power to protect the spiritual self against negative influences, emotions, and pollutants that are present in the atmosphere around you. As such, it rids oneself of negative emotions and grants you with a sense of profound Wisdom as it lets you truly think without the hindrance of any emotions.

Moreover, its calming effect stabilizes all your mood swings. It is, therefore, a great remedy for depression, exhaustion, and anxiety as it instills a great amount of Tranquility in one's mental self. With mental clarity coming into play, Turquoise also helps develop clear thought and is great for improving problem-solving skills and creative visualization.

Turquoise healing properties: Metaphysical

The power of Turquoise healing properties far transcends just the spiritual realm, and it can't be made much clearer than the fact that the stone is known as "The Great Protector" and has been known for its protective qualities since its discovery. Each ancient civilization ranging from the Egyptians to the Native Americans found out about its powers from their rite.

In the modern-day and age, Turquoise is used in people's homes to protect them from danger in long travels and is also worn in the form of rings and bracelets as a protector from all physical harm that also includes illnesses and disease.

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Turquoise is a crystal of calmness and clarity. If you are seeking peace and want to rejuvenate energy. Turquoise crystals can soothe unstable emotions, bring happiness & joy to life, and evaluate wisdom.

Turquoise as Birth Stone:

Turquoise is the birthstone of December. Most associate it with fortune, good health, and protection from evil while considering it a stone that provides spiritual peace when used. Besides being the December birthstone, it is also the gemstone of the 11th wedding anniversary.

The Popularity of Turquoise nowadays

Considered one of the oldest gemstones known to man, the popularity of Turquoise has transcended through time and carried on to the modern day. Its unique color and Turquoise healing properties have led it to be used quite abundantly in the world of fashion as there's hardly an outfit that Turquoise doesn't bode well with.

Its spiritual powers, too, have been talked about repeatedly throughout hundreds of years. Each piece of Turquoise has its character and story to tell. Its unique, veiny matrix and saturated colors, alongside its spiritual healing capabilities, have kept the stone relevant for generations.

Can Anyone Wear or Keep Turquoise At Home?

While we’ve already talked about the spiritual effects that Turquoise has, it is still an extremely beautiful stone in its own right that you can keep in your home. You can also wear all sorts of different Turquoise jewelry and accessorize yourself with the awe-inspiring stone.

Now you learned about the Turquoise meaning. Turquoise is a gemstone that has been known for its protective abilities since ancient civilizations. Its color ranges from blue to green and has a veiny matrix. Due to its innate beauty, it is also worn as jewelry. It is outfitted into rings, necklaces, and pendants due to its aesthetic appeal and spiritual, mental, and physical Turquoise healing properties.

3 Different Types of Turquoise Color

Turquoise Blue

Turquoise blue, often referred as robin's egg blue or sky blue, is probably the most seem turquoise color. Because it’s mostly found in the Nishapur district of Iran, it is described as “Persian blue” too.

Green Turquoise

Green turquoise is the result of either iron impurities (replacing aluminum) or dehydration, this turquoise color is mostly favored in Tibet and Mongolia areas.

White Turquoise

Derived from Arizona and Nevada in the U.S., white turquoise color is produced under special processing to meet the increasing demand of the market.


How Can Turquoise Benefit as Accessories

In modern days, many realize the benefits of turquoise, and more have started wearing turquoise jewelry to access its healing properties. Wearing turquoise is especially known for its ability to ward off evil, bring an optimistic view on life, and bring about good luck. Below are 4 ways to wear turquoise rings, turquoise necklace, turquoise earrings, and turquoise bracelet for beginners.

Turquoise Bracelet

People wear turquoise bracelet not only because of its fashionable look but also its aura to infuse strength into the wearer.



Turquoise Ring

Commonly worn as wedding rings, Turquoise Ring shields the newly married couples from bad luck and perils.

Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise necklace is well known for its ability to activate throat chakra, helping us voice knowledge and communicate clearly.

Turquoise Earrings

To effectively generate wisdom and inject positive energy into our brain, turquoise earrings are considered to be the right accessory to wear.


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