Popular Colors of Gemstones For Men | Guide to Top Healing Gemstone Colors

I am met with several people who ask about my day and what I have on my mind these days when I am at work. Now that I think back on it, the first answer that comes to mind when people ask me this question is gemstones for men, especially the many different gemstones color you can find under the category of gemstones for men because of their many healing properties. The biggest reason that I'm highly interested in all gemstones colors is that they allow you to be at peace and promote safety and love. This article outlines some of the best gemstones color you can find in the market.

 Popular Colors of Gemstones For Men

Blue Gemstones For Men


Trust and honesty are two connotations of the color blue, which instills confidence and promotes feelings of loyalty and integrity.


 Blue gemstones, Turquoise

Turquoise can be found in its natural form in dry areas worldwide. Some common destinations for high-quality turquoise are Iran, Egypt, and Mexico. Turquoise ranges in hue from light to medium blue or greenish-blue and can be semitranslucent to opaque. It also comes under the category of very delicate blue gemstones for men. Low porosity and fine texture are more desirable in turquoise than high porosity and coarse texture.

Silver Classic Blue Turquoise

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Blue gemstones: Sodalite

Sodalite is a mineral found in igneous rocks formed from sodium-rich magmas. Due to the lack of silicon and aluminum in these magmas, quartz and feldspar minerals are frequently lacking. The gemstones color is commonly blue to blue-violet. It has a vitreous shine and is usually translucent with white veining at times. It also promotes rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuition, and the expression of feelings verbally.

Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstones: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a contact metamorphic rock with many chemical and physical properties. Contact metamorphism of limestones is usually responsible for their formation. Lapis lazuli's trademark hue is somewhat greenish blue to violetish blue, medium to dark tone, and highly saturated. As someone who has suffered from negative thoughts a lot in the past, I can assure you that this is one of the best gemstones for men that help.

Green Gemstones For Men


Green is a universally connected color with nature and therefore represents renewal and growth. Many famous brands use green to bring a calming and soothing influence.


Green gemstones: Malachite

Malachite is formed by the surface weathering of copper ore and is commonly found alongside azurite. Adamantine to vitreous luster and an uneven fracture characterize this mineral. The color is a vivid green with a faint green streak, and the specific gravity and hardness range from 3.5–4.0 and 3.6–4.0, respectively. Its ability to help you sleep makes it one of the most incredible green gemstones for men. 


Green Gemstones: Fluorite

Fluorite is a late-crystallizing mineral formed in felsic igneous rocks by hydrothermal activity. It can also be found as globular aggregates or crusts with a radial fibrous texture in massive and earthy forms. Although it is usually colorless and transparent in visible and ultraviolet light when it is pure, impurities turn the gemstones' color green. 

Black Gemstones For Men

The color black is associated with power, mystery, and refinement. Black has been utilized in the logos of several fashion retailers as it has a timeless elegance. 


black gemstones: Obsidian

Obsidian is a particular type of volcanic rock that forms as a natural glass when viscous lava from volcanoes cools quickly. It only develops when the magma's chemical composition is high in silica. The mineral's aftermath is typically dark in color, though the color might vary depending on the impurities present. Furthermore, because of their appealing and variable gemstones color, these black gemstones for men are occasionally utilized as semiprecious stones that form a shield against hostile forces.

Siver Classic Obsidian

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 black gemstones: Hematite

A mineral that is found in iron-mining locations is hematite. Although it is found in hydrothermal veins associated with magmatic rocks, most deposits are sedimentary. Hematite is most commonly seen as a huge opaque material with various lusters, from earthy to submetallic to metallic. It comes in multiple gemstones color ranging from red to brown to black to grey to silver, and people have been using these black gemstones for centuries to improve their blood circulation.

Purple Gemstones For Men

Purple is associated with wisdom, bravery, and spirituality. Light purples are connected with romantic, lighthearted energies, while darker tones signify melancholy and frustration.


purple gemstones: Amethyst

Amethyst is abundant in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, where it is found in giant geodes within volcanic rocks. Amethyst gets its color from color centers in quartz. When ghost town glass is exposed to UV light, minuscule levels of manganese in the glass produce purplish gemstones color with a glassy or vitreous luster. These purple gemstones for men are supposed to reduce fury and anxiety, as well as eliminate rage and help control fears and anger.


 purple gemstones: Charoite

Charoite is formed when calcareous deposits are heated, pressed, and injected with special chemicals (such intrusions of nepheline syenite, which are alkali-rich). Contact metamorphism is the name given to this process. Charoite has a pearly gloss and is translucent violet to purple. The fractures in Charoite are conchoidal, and the mineral is rigorously massive. If you're looking to find purple gemstones for men that bring about inner strength, assertiveness, creativity, and self-esteem, Charoite has been made for you.

Silver Spacer Third Eye Chakra Bracelet

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Red Gemstones For Men 

The color red is connected a great deal with energy, passion, and love. It is also the color of blood, power, and danger, making it a potent branding color.

Red Jasper

red gemstones: Red Jasper

Jasper is typically made up of ancient sediments that have been bonded (and in some cases wholly replaced) with silica. The original material's flow patterns are frequently visible on these gemstones for men. Jasper is smooth-surfaced opaque quartz with a vitreous luster and deep red coloration. I use Red Jasper myself when I want stamina and courage for any difficult time.


red gemstones: Spinel

Aluminum oxide may form as the mineral corundum or combine with magnesia to form spinel in rare mafic igneous rocks. The most delicate red spinel gemstones are pure red to slightly purplish red hues of medium to medium-dark tone. Spinel is most commonly cut in cushion and oval forms, and it has outstanding brilliance when adequately proportioned.

White Gemstones For Men 

White denotes innocence or purity. It is also known to be illuminating, helping our minds to focus, and aiding in the organization.


white gemstones: Howlite

Howlite, along with other evaporate and borate minerals, can be found in continental evaporite deposits. It grows in nodules that resemble cauliflower heads; however, these crystal faces found on the nodules are scarce. It has a smooth touch that reminds us to be gentle in whatever we do. These gemstones for men encompass both our interactions with others and, more significantly, our interactions with ourselves.

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White Jade

white gemstones: white jade

Jade is made up of two types of minerals: Jadeite and nephrite. Natural Jadeite is extremely rare, with only 12 confirmed places worldwide. More prevalent is white nephrite jade, which has a slightly waxy, oily look. On the other hand, Jadeite is denser with a more brilliant, translucent quality. Its unique power is that it can calm a person down even in the most chaotic of situations, so if you're looking for white gemstones that can help you feel relaxed, this one is for you. 

Brown Gemstones For Men 

Brown is a color typically linked with durability, dependability, security, and safety, and it is often considered solid, similar to the ground. 

Tiger Eye 

brown gemstones: Tiger Eye

Tiger's Eye is a protective stone that brings good fortune to the bearer. A Tiger's Eye is created when parallel veins of crocidolite fibers are converted to iron oxides and then replaced by silica. As a result, the gemstones colors are a deep yellow to brown color and are more opaque. The stone has an excellent brilliance when cut in cabochon.


brown gemstones: Agate

If you're looking for brown gemstones for men, brown agate is one gemstone that helps lonely people because they have lost someone. In neutral to acidic conditions, agate crystals develop within the voids of other rocks. It is formed over thousands of years by the buildup of silica-rich groundwater in rock cavities.


by Azuro Republic