Top 5 Most Expensive Gemstones You Can Wear In 2024 | Valuable Gemstones For Beginners to Invest in

In the current era, investment has become a secure way to keep money safe and secure. Therefore, many people are investing in different elds, including NFTs, stocks, real estate, and even cryptocurrency.

But for beginners and fashion lovers, I am here with an innovative and reliable way of investment. I want to suggest making safe investments and standing out in the crowd simultaneously with the most expensive gemstone. The benefits of valuable gemstones are not easy to overlook. They are full of future potential without breaking the bank. Moreover, you do not need to put them in the cupboard: these are wearable in everyday life.

I want to emphasize that gemstone is a valuable investment that would save you from loss and help you adopt a lavish lifestyle. Therefore, here I have mentioned why gemstone is a worth considering investment and what the ve most expensive stones are.

Why Should You Invest in Colored Gemstones?

Gemstone is an evergreen investment whose high demand keeps it valuable as well as profitable if you want to resell it. However, here are four advantages of investing in valuable gemstones.

Affordable for beginners

Beginners or even experts can fail to make suitable investments. But this investment does not require technical skills. Moreover, you can find the stone according to your range. You can get the most expensive gemstone like diamond or an affordable one like ruby, but both are full of potential.

It is wearable 

I want to demonstrate that you do not need to keep your investment in the lockup. Choose the valuable gemstone and wear it with grace. Choose a colored gemstone like ruby, pink diamond, turquoise, or Lapis lazuli, mend it in jewelry and use it for everyday wear.

Timeless value

Gemstones are rare stones and remain in high demand. Unlike cash, its value is not affected by fluctuations in the economy. Moreover, their high demand retains their value and makes them perfect for long-term investment. 


Whether the price is equal to a vehicle or a house, you can carry it in your hand, wrist, ears, or neck. Distance does not matter, wear and you are good to go.

Top 5 Most Expensive Gemstone Investments You Can Wear

Among hundreds of gemstones, I have selected the five most valuable gemstones for beginners.

1.   Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a famous stone since it has found. The deep as well as celestial blue with violet tones is the primary identification factor. It has a rough surface, but fine-grained and uniform specimens attain a highly polished and smooth surface.

Only Pakistan and Afghanistan yield the fines lapis lazuli in large quantities. It is also found in Colorado with delicate quality but with limited availability. Lapis lazuli is an affordable stone, but truly fine material is rare to find. The lower grade or mixed material may sell for less than $1 per carat, while original and superfine stone may reach $100 to $150 per carat.

It is not surprising that a stone whose popularity has crossed the boundaries of origination has acquired many shapes. It is used in bracelets, necklaces, and rings for women, while for men, I would suggest to check these AZURO CLASSIC CUFFLINKS.


Gold Lapis Lazuli Cufflinks

Make a luxurious statement and instantly add a modern taste to any look with these elegant and classic cufflinks.

2. Turquoise

Turquoise is an opaque stone that has been long praised in many cultures. It ranges from blue to green. However, this is one of the most valuable gemstones whose finest quality has smooth and solid color. It is said to bring peace, luck, and protection.

This stone is primarily found in China and North America, but America's deposits are limited to the southwest. It is one of the most affordable stones ranging from $1 to $10 per carat, but it can reach $1000 depending on the quality.

Turquoise is said to have grounding energy that makes it a valuable gemstone to embed in jewelry for daily use. Apart from physical and spiritual benefits, turquoise jewelry is an evergreen trend. For example, the GOLD TURQUOISE CHAKRA BRACELET never gets old. 


Artemis Enamel Turquoise

As the turquoise stone was used by ancient healers to comfort the wounded, the Artemis turquoise bracelet will also empower faith and valiancy for whoever wears the turquoise jewelry.

3. Amethyst

It is one of the most valuable stones due to its antiquity, rarity, and association with royalty. Its value almost depends entirely on color. The rich purple color that glows with red and blue flashes attracts the attention of every person around it. 

Siberian mines used to produce the finest quality amethysts, but now Siberia is nowhere in the origin list. Nowadays, it is majorly found in Bolivia, Uruguay, Zambia, and Brazil. However, Due to its resemblance with sapphire and other rare colored gemstones, it is often misidentified as the most expensive gemstone. Conversely, it is affordable and generally falls in the range of $20 to $40.

It is an ages-old stone, but the charming purple color didn't let its importance fade. In the 21st century, amethyst jewelry is preferred over trivial ones. You can check AMETHYST ROSE GOLD BRACELET WITH HOWLITE AND WHITE JADE BRACELET as it is pretty famous for its elegant and trendy look. I am sure that you will love it.


Amethyst Rose Gold Bracelet

Rose gold Amethyst bracelet with howlite gold bracelet mixing with white jade crystals finds the great balance of colors and has an edgy and stylish look.

4. Malachite

It is a beautiful decorative stone. Malachite's rich patterned coloration with multiple shades of green makes it unique among hundreds of gemstones. This is a part of the monolithic crystal system and has a silky luster. Therefore, this rich shaded gemstone is often used as an ore of copper.

Malachite's distinctive properties have sparked its popularity and love by Greeks and Egyptians. It is abundantly mined in Australia, Russia, and Congo. It is an affordable stone but, in some parts, considered the most expensive gemstone. This stone is rare and only found in a specific part of the globe. Therefore, its export makes it an expensive stone.

Apart from jewelry, this green stone pigment is also used in the painting of Egypt and Europe. It is dearer to the artist who practices historically accurate techniques.

5. Garnet

If you want to make a gemstone investment, understand the gemstone value. The garnet stone symbolizes love and is often associated with heart, blood, and inner fire. It is famous for its wide range of colors and glossy glow. But it is most often found to be red. Green and brown colors have also been seen. When you hold it against the light, it reflects green and yellow bands.

Due to the abundance of garnet stone, it is available in many forms. However, most stones come from Brazil, Srilanka, India, and the USA. As I have mentioned, its availability varies the price dramatically. They are likely to fall in the range of $500 to $7000 per carat.

Due to its charming red-brown color, it has made its way into the jewelry industry. You can embed it in a pendant, necklace, ring, or bracelet to showcase this high-end stone. Its most famous example of garnet jewelry is OBSIDIAN, RED TIGER EYE, GARNET MIXED CRYSTALS NECKLACE.


Garnet Mixed Crystals Necklace

Mixed Crystals Necklace has a selection of black crystals, green crystals, and red crystals necklaces.

3 Tips on Buying Expensive Gemstone

Due to fraud and scams, I want to ensure that you land authentic and original stones. Therefore, here I have mentioned some tips that you need to consider.

1. Know what you're doing

The blind shot vanishes in the air. Before investing, do thorough research if this is for you. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, knowledge of gemstones is essential to get valuable gemstones. Understand the market and buy the stone accordingly.

2. Seek quality brands

When it comes to stones, there are high chances of fraud because the market is occupied with scammers who sell fake stones. If you do not know how to identify the original stone, look for an authentic and reliable place. Ask peers for suggestions because high-end and well-known brands are less likely to indulge in fraud.

3. Buy jewelry you like

Jewelry not only enhances the appearance but also boosts confidence. Buy the valuable gemstone that compliments your personality and looks astonishing in every jewelry piece. Whether you are wearing the most expensive gemstone or an affordable one, it appears with your attitude when it touches your heart.

Final Thought

In the coming era, gemstones will probably spark as one of the reliable investments. Therefore, I suggest the audience consider the valuable gemstone. This investment will not rot in the cupboard, but you can wear it daily. Isn't it amazing to invest and use at the same time? It is. You do not need to break the bank to get a stone; they are affordable as well as some are the most expensive gemstones. It does not matter what it costs; they look stylish when worn with confidence.


by Azuro Republic