21 latest jewelry trends that never get out of date

Jewelry trends come and go with the seasons, but classics always persevere. How do you separate the best jewelry brands from the knock-offs? And how do you tell the difference between tacky, trendy jewelry and quality, trendsetting pieces that set you apart in a crowd? The answer is knowing what jewelry brands to watch for and knowing which designers can push the envelope, leaving others to mimic what they do.

In 2021, more people are buying luxury jewelry online than ever before. That means the luxury jewelry space is wider than in past years when people went to boutiques to make their selections.

Other men’s fashion jewelry trends to watch out for this year:

  • Intricate design details. We all love a sleek, clean design, but jewelry – even men’s jewelry – is getting bolder.
  • Statement pieces like pendants that add oomph to simple outfits.
  • Bolder colors. You can’t go wrong with clean metallics, but if you’re a fan of color, this is your year.
  • Androgynous styles. They’re not just for women anymore. Increasingly, high-end jewelers are creating styles that work for both men and women.
  • Statement gemstones.
  • Pieces that showcase your personality.


A skilled artisan knows how to create something completely new, and how to execute a design expertly. A bad designer can only imitate – and they’ll do a sub-par job at it. Designer jewelry also sets you apart in a crowd, in a good way. Even bold designs, when well-executed, make you seem confident and distinguished. 


  1. Bvlgari

bvlgari monete ring


In the 1950s, Bvlgari was among the first jewelers to use color in a radical new way, using gemstones for their color instead of just their value. This opened up a new, exciting jewelry trend. Now Bvlgari’s signature is a sapphire, but they use a variety of stones.

Bvlgari’s staple Monete collection started in the 1960s and is still iconic today. The line uses thick gold chains and ancient Rome-inspired signets to give an old-world feel with a touch of modern glamor. 

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Eric Bana, Bradley Cooper, and Aaron Eckhart

From a simple gold band (this one’s marketed as a wedding band, but it would make an excellent wardrobe staple on any finger) for $700 USD to this $20,200 USD white gold statement bracelet inset with blue sapphires and diamonds, Bvlgari creates a jewelry trends with  quality investment pieces that stand the test of time while making a statement. 

  1. Verdura

Verdura Maltese Cross Cuff

Designer Duke Fulco di Verdura first made a name for himself by designing the iconic Maltese Cross Cuff for his friend Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Today, the brand finds ways to turn mundane objects from the natural and industrial world into wearable works of art.  

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Coco Chanel

Pieces range in price from $4,950 for these Nut & Bolt Dress Studs to $14,750 for a set of four Night & Day Dress Studs. 

  1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston Premier Majestic Art Deco Automatic 36mm

Since its founding in 1932, this brand’s focus has been on showcasing each unique gemstone, rather than creating an elaborate metal setting. They transform these gemstones to jewelries that are one of a kind,which helped shape the modern jewelry trends Today, they make classically-inspired luxury watches that will make any man stand out.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Prominent royalty and international Heads of State

For pricing information, schedule an appointment at one of their boutiques or contact them directly.

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Makers Trophy Ring in Sterling Silver and 18k Gold



Tiffany & Co. makes sleek, iconic pieces that showcase their trademark silver designs and simple diamond settings. Their detail-oriented vision became the fundamental concept of jewelry aesthetics and jewelry trends.  

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Ansel Elgort, Billy Porter, Kit Harrington 

Prices range from $287 for a sleek sterling silver money clip to $21,483 for this bold rose gold and grey alligator skin watch.


  1. Cartier


Long held as a staple for high-end jewelry, Cartier offers bold but refined pieces that are more metal-forward than gemstone-forward. If you prefer sleek sophistication, Cartier is the brand for you. Among men’s jewelry trends , Cartier is best known for its watches, but their jewelry pieces are equally intriguing and iconic.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey, Jr., Zac Efron 

Pricing ranges from $580 for this laidback cord trinity bracelet featuring a mix of white, pink, and yellow gold, to $89,500 for this standout Les Oiseaux Libérés Ring, yellow gold inset with emeralds, onyx, and diamonds.


  1. David Yurman

David Yurman ANNEAU METEORITE ring

This jewelry brand places a trend of artistry and boldness, avant-garde style at the forefront of all their designs. If you’re one to shy from the norm, David Yurman is probably right up your alley. They love to experiment with unusual materials and bold colors and textures.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Nick Jonas, Kendrick Lamar, Zayn Malik, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo

Pricing starts at $325 for this classic gray titanium ring to $45,000 for this Spiritual Bead Necklace studded throughout with black diamonds. In their mid-range styles, you’ll also find pieces like their Roman Elongated Tag, yellow gold studded with pave emeralds, at $7,800.

  1. Messika


Messika makes modern, minimalist jewelry inspired by the Parisian thirst for simplicity. Their have a vision for creating jewelry with a timeless trend. Their pieces are perfect if you’re new to wearing jewelry because they’re understated without fading into the background and will go with just about any outfit.

Pieces range in price and boldness from this understated Move Titanium PM diamond ring ($680) to the Move Titanium Graphite Bangle GM for $2,570. Both styles combine the rugged look of brushed titanium with the elegance of a diamond.


8. Azuro Republic

Azuro Republic Gold Classic Tiger Ere Bracelet

With more than 30 years of experience in both men’s fashion and trends, Azuro Republic redefines the new gentlemen style and its jewelry trends. Their men's beaded bracelets with silver and gold designs are a symbol of the unique meanings that each man takes up for himself along with the concept of greatness, luxury, style and, above all, equality.

Collections prices starts from affordable prices (take a look at the SILVER BEAD OBSIDIAN BRACELET at $119) and go up to $319 for the Men's Beaded Stainless Steel Bracelets.


Made for those men in leadership positions, as the tiger eye stone helps you stay centered and calm despite the ups and downs.

9. Gucci

Gucci Double G ring

Everyone knows Gucci is synonymous with top-scale jewelry design. If you love brand names and labels, you’ll find what you want here with Gucci’s signature logo emblazoned on several pieces. But if you’re in it for the fashion-forward designs themselves, you’ll find what you want here as well.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Alessandro Michele, Jared Leto

Pricing starts at $180 for this petite Feline Head Brooch that makes a big statement, or go big with this $4,980 yellow gold bracelet embossed with a tiger head.


10. Lugano

Lugano cufflinks

Lugano is first and foremost a jeweler, and that’s what you’ll find here – large, unique gemstones that will wow no matter how you wear them. Their collections are also exclusive. Every piece follows their jewelry style of exotic and exquisite trends.

They offer a small, curated collection of high-end pieces, from brand-embossed rings to black diamond bracelets. For pricing, contact their shop directly.


11. Van Cleef & Arpels

VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Alhambra cufflinks

Van Cleef & Arpels makes delicate, understated pieces with painstaking detail. Their selection is perfect when you want something a little louder than Tiffany & Co. or Cartier, but more reserved in texture and style than the bold David Yurman.

And don’t be fooled by their marketing; their jewelry trends are androgynous. This Magic Alhambra mother-of-pearl pendant would look just as good on a man as it would on a woman.

Their pieces are investments you’ll want to wear over and over again, from special occasions like weddings to the everyday, like important work meetings where you need to bring your A-game.  

Pricing starts at $5,200 for these yellow gold and mother-of-pearl classic Alhambra cufflinks all the way up to $120,000 for their bold Midnight Zodiac Lumineux watch collection


12. Foundrae

Foundrae Medium Mixed Belcher chain necklace

Foundrae specializes in what they call “modern heirlooms,” aiming to help their wearer access their own sense of self by creating pieces that are simultaneously aspirational and wearable.

Their website doesn’t distinguish between men’s and women’s styles . They creates a unisex jewelry trend, just go nuts and find the pieces that match your aesthetic. Their brand is about you, not about fitting your style into a box. Instead, sort by symbolism or intention and find a piece of jewelry that means something to you.

Pieces range from this small $1,550 Strength Champleve Medallion that can be attached to any existing piece of jewelry or a plain chain to their $16,170 Mixed Gold Oversized Belcher Chain that blends yellow and white gold to make a statement wherever you wear it.


13. Martine Ali


Each one of Martine Ali’s pieces is handmade-to-order in Brooklyn. Their selection is simultaneously bold and minimalist, using bold metallics in unique applications to give off a vibe that’s both alternative and upscale. Their site doesn’t distinguish between men’s and women’s styles, and with good reason – they’re all pretty androgynous.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: Kendrick Lamar, rapper and songwriter Offset

Prices start at $100 for these reserved flower earrings. If that’s not your speed, their more masculine pieces start at $150 with this classic tag chain. If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your silver, their prices go up to $795 with this Allen link chain.


14. Maria Black

Maria Black carlo necklace silver

If you have piercings and struggle to find masculine, fashion-forward jewelry for them, this Copenhagen-based brand will be right up your alley. As we’re seeing again and again, androgynous jewelry trend is in for 2021; this is yet another company that doesn’t have separate men’s and women’s sections and features models of both genders. Find pieces that speak to you, no matter who’s modeling it.

Prices for their pierced jewelry start low, from $55 for this sterling silver Broken 18 Earring and run all the way up to $1,800 for this classic, understated Gemma Necklace for easy layering and customization. They also have a line of fine piercing jewelry, if that’s more your speed.


15. Good Art HLYWD



As the name suggests, this Los Angeles-based brand puts art and fun into everything they make. Their jewelry trends are unusual, combining silver art and creativity. Each Pieces are masculine with a laid back, artistic, sometimes even sacred feel. Very LA.

Famous style icons who wear this brand: LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone

Their pieces come small and affordable (like the easily-customizable Mini BLB necklace at $120) as well as the statement B bracelet, priced at $67,500. Their pieces aren’t for everyone – but if they’re for you, they’ll fit like a glove.


16. Bleue Burnham

Bleue Burnham The Riviera ring

If you’re known for never showing up without a pop of color or a bit of glamor, Bleue Burnham’s selection will be right up your alley. We give it bonus points for being a sustainably-focused brand. Bleue Burnham is one of the most famous jewelry brands that promotes a sustainable jewelry trend. Continuously focusing on green material and eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Prices range from $260 for The Permanent Ring, made from recycled silver, to $6,843 for the statement piece The Rose Bracelet studded with 7 lab-made sapphires and recycled gold to mimic to imbue the wearer with all the connotations of the rose, its namesake.


17. A.P.C.

A.P.C Sam bracelet

Don’t let the laidback branding fool you; A.P.C. is serious about men’s jewelry. The French brand aims to keep itself accessible to all in terms of style, price, jewelry trend and philosophy. And I think they succeed; if you’re new to wearing jewelry and aren’t sure where to start, start here. If you’re not new to jewelry and just like sleek, no-frills pieces, also start here.

Prices start at $110 for their unique enamel and gold Sam ring, which is one of my favorites of the whole bunch. Their Sam necklace, their most expensive piece at $295 (remember what I said about accessible pricing?), is a sleek basic and comes in silver and gold.


18. Miansai

Miansai Mini Dove Cable Chain Necklace

Miansai refers to themselves as “artisans of elevated aesthetics,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. You won’t find anything too flashy or avant-garde here, because Miansai doesn’t have to go too far out of the box to produce sleek, sophisticated, and elegant pieces you’ll want to wear over and over again. All Miansai’s jewelries are crafted with premium materials, top-scale clarity gemstone, european leather, demonstrating what a luxury jewelry trend is.  

Style icons who wear this brand: Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber

Their selection starts at the small indulgences level, at $55 for their sterling silver Nexus Rope Bracelet (the main image is for black and silver, but the opal and teal options are my personal favorites). Their most expensive piece, the 14K gold Screw Cuff (at $5,350) is one of my favorite pieces on this entire list. Or, if you like a little whimsy with your fine jewelry, take a look at their Turkey Necklace.


19. John Hardy

John Hardy Classic Chain Bracelet

John Hardy’s your place to go if you like classic, traditionally masculine styles without a lot of frills or experimental styles. Combining mythical local elements, John Hardy presents an unique jewelry trend among modern runways.

Style icons who wear this brand: Zayn Malik, Matthew McConaughey

Selections start at $135 with their classic chain ball necklace, which is great for layering, and go up to the luxurious $31,000 classic chain bracelet with diamonds. Whether you’re looking for a splurge or a wardrobe staple, if you’re looking for something that will compliment just about any outfit, this is the place to check.


20. Charriol


Charriol’s whole jewelry line is oriented toward their signature cable design, maintaining a consistent trend, which gives a sleek, modern, industrial vibe that stays very masculine. Their selection includes the classics like rings and bracelets, but also includes jacket pins perfect to embellish your office look.

Pricing starts at $95 for their silver Celtic-inspired cable ring and goes up to $462 for their personalized bangles – customize it with your name, initials, or whatever word inspires you.


21. Tateossian

Tateossian Square Gear cufflinks in gunmetal stainless steel

Founder Robert Tateossian, banker-turned-jeweler, makes pieces that will feel right at home in the boardroom. The brand manages to toe the fine line between having fun with jewelry while still staying within the confines of traditional masculinity, making it the perfect choice if you’re interested in trying something a little unexpected but are nervous about how to start.

Pricing starts very affordable (check the unique Rollo Dial Gold Leaf Tie Clip at $175) to the all-out luxurious Black and White Diamond Cufflinks in rose gold, priced at $30,600. For something in between, check out their Formentera Layered Necklace with blue sodalite beads for $555. 



More than ever before, 2021 has a wide range of luxury jewelry brands to watch out for. Whether an old standby like Cartier or an up-and-coming name like A.P.C. catch your eye, find the pieces that resonate with you and give them a try. You’ll be surprised how great you feel.


by Azuro Republic