Lion Symbolism | What does a lion symbolise? 8 Symbolic meaning of Lions

Ever since I first heard about lion symbolism, I got engulfed in the world of the lion spirit animal. Christopher finds these magnificent, which is why I have so much lion jewelry lying around. I was curious about spiritual animal meanings, but lion symbolism always stuck out. The way the animal stands out from the crowd is captivating and makes you want to learn more, don't you think?

The most common traits of a lion are strength, majesty, justice, courage, and military strength, which collectively produces what we call lion symbolism. These traits are why people like me are obsessed with lion jewelry and the animal as a whole. However, it may differ in various aspects depending on religion, culture, dreams and even jewelry. Multiple traits from each of these aspects merge to form lion symbolism as a whole. So, what does a lion symbolize? Please take a seat, and let's talk about it. I have got eight fascinating symbolic meanings of lions for you.

Lion Symbolism in Dreams

For me, it started when a lion first appeared in my dream, and I wanted to know what it means. I then discovered the world of lion symbolism in dreams. When a lion appears in your dreams, it may indicate power, strength, assertiveness or courage. They may represent deep-rooted anger directed at people, or they may be an indication that a threatening situation has entered your life. Lion symbolism in dreams extends to loyalty, respect and dignity. It may mean that you need to show these traits to people around you. These are all characteristics of the lion spirit animal. After I recognised this, I started linking these traits to different religions and found numerous fascinating elements.

Lion Symbolism in Bracelet

Lion symbol has been used to make jewelry in many cultures. The lion symbolism in a lion bracelet means protection, success, and wealth.It is said to wear a lion head bracelet on different wrists has different meanings. A lion head bracelet is mainly worn to gain strength and wealth. Wearing it, on the one hand, serves as a protector from harm. Wearing a lion head bracelet, on the other hand, is known as a symbol of power and success and to achieve it.

Gold Lion Head Bracelet

Azuro Lion beaded bracelet is one of the most popular animal head designs. The open clasp gives it the flexibility to switch different head designs with ease.

Lion Symbolism in Pendant Jewelry

A lion pendant is often sought after by many. It represents bravery, nobility, and royalty. People wearing a lion pendant often do so to obtain these attributes and integrate them into their personalities.
The lion pendant symbolizes strength, majesty, courage, military might, knightly power, and justice. A lion pendant is often worn by those who wish to achieve stability and justice before performing a task. Lion pendant is also a form of protection in some cultures.
In the modern world, a gold lion pendant is one of the most popular men’s pendants. A lion pendant demonstrates masculinity and a strong fashion taste. 

Lion Gold Pendant Necklace

Masters handcrafted the pendant to capture the liveness of the lion and surrounded the lion head with Azuro's classic circle of leaves to highlight the silhouette.

Lion Symbolism in dreams, jewelries, religions and cultures

In many cultures, a lion necklace, a lion pendant or a lion bracelet is an integral part of their religion and traditions. They integrate these into their daily lives because of this close relationship and have designed dances and statues because of their attributes. Want to know more about that? I will tell you everything that you need to know if you stick around.

Lion Symbolism in Religions

There are different meanings of lion symbolism in various religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and the lion spirit animal has become an important symbol in these religions.

Judaism interprets lion symbolism with lion jewelry in the form of the lion Judah ring. The lion Judah ring symbolizes the Israelite tribe, Judah, in which King David and Jesus were associated as well. In their scriptures, "The Lion of Judah" refers to Jesus and a title to an emperor. The lion Judah ring is a symbol of strength, kingship, and pride. Because of these attributes, they feel as if it is right to link these characteristics to notable personalities in their religion and culture and associate jewelry to further improve lion symbolism.

Gold Lion Bracelet

Gold lion bracelet is a clip bracelet. The Tiger eye stone represents the color of the lion and the Grade AAA tiger eye stone sets the quality of the collection.

lion of Judah, the symbolic animal in Judaism

In Christianity, they are symbols of courage, loyalty and power. They attribute these to god, which makes them imperative. They consider the lion vital as it has these characteristics associated with them that they find about god as well within their scriptures. In Hinduism, a lion god, Narasimha, an avatar of the god Vishnu, is considered sacred and worshipped. Their scriptures say that the god incarnates as part lion and part man to destroy evil and all calamities. He eventually restores Dharma.

Lion Symbolism in a different cultures

Lions have different meanings in multiple cultures. Each culture indicates other importance because of the vast interpretations. Lion symbolism extends to countries including China, Singapore and England.

In China, the lion spirit animal is found as statues known as the imperial guardian lion. They are known as stone lions or shishi. In China, lion symbolism extends to wisdom, power, and superiority. At Chinese festivals, especially Chinese New Year, people perform lion dances. These dances are said to be benevolent and keep evil spirits away. This dance is one of the most important traditions in China.

Shishi, lion spirit animal in China

Singapore's official mascot is known as the Merlion. He is legendary, and he is a lion's head and in the country is a fish's body and a giant figure. The name itself translated to lion city in Malay. Lion symbolism is found in the form of courage, strength and excellence in the form of a lion head, red and in front of a white background, mimicking the flag. Lion jewelry is also often available there to promote lion symbolism.

The national animal of England is the Barbary Lion. In the middle ages, they were kept in a tower in London. It is a symbol of strength, courage, pride, and dignity, so they chose it. Besides being the national animal, it is often used as a logo by many sports teams, including the national cricket team in England. Moreover, collectables such as clothing and lion head bracelets, or lion pendants are often available, and many people enjoy using them. Lion symbolism is widely accepted in England. 

Barbary lion, the symbolic animal in England

Lion symbolism is more than one aspect, it integrates cultures, religions, fashion, sub-conscience, and more. We learned to appreciate the majestic animal. Next time when you wear your lion head bracelet, or lion pendant, you know what is the story behind it, not just a fashion accessory anymore. 


by Azuro Republic