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Our world is constantly embedded with stark examples of how not to treat a woman. It seems that as society shifts to an increasingly technologically oriented state, many men have all but completely left that key aspect of being a gentleman in the past. Just take a look around you: so many examples of men behaving exactly the way they shouldn’t be can be seen in social media or even in person. So there are plenty of examples of what not to do, but then how do we know what a real man is supposed to do when treating a woman?

How To Treat A Woman -1 relationship advice

Use these tips to better understand how a real man treats a woman and put them into practice throughout your day-to-day life:

How to Treat a Woman Rule #1: Be respectful 

There’s that old phrase that goes “respect is earned, not given”. While this may be true for certain cases, this is not one of them. If you go around treating women with that mindset, you will quickly be perceived as a jerk. An important piece of relationship advice to remember is to always treat a woman with respect. 

Even when you have disagreements, keep yourself calm. You don’t need to yell at her or raise your voice, you don’t need to exhibit your frustration. Just process your emotions in a calm manner and remember that losing your cool won't solve anything. Respect is also about communication. Think before you speak so you don’t unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt her feelings and make sure she feels like you treat her right. 

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How to Treat a Women Rule #2: Chivalry is alive and well, thank you very much 

Chivalry is dead? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry isn’t about treating a woman like she’s incapable or too delicate to do things for herself. It’s really more about showing simple acts of courtesy, however small they may seem, like holding the door open, walking on the outer side of the road, or standing when a woman excuses herself from the table. Acting chivalrous isn't necessarily a relationship advice, but it's an attitude you can adopt to know how to treat a woman  Mind you, such acts of chivalry aren’t exclusively reserved for your partner or someone you’re dating, but all women.

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How to Treat a Woman Rule #3: Emotions do not make you weak

There’s a common misconception that being emotional or showing a vulnerable side relates to masculinity. It’s actually the complete opposite. If you’re a real man, you’re not afraid of your acknowledging and embracing your emotions. Being a real man isn’t about closing those emotions off, it’s about knowing when to express them and how to do so in a way that isn’t unsightly. Emotions should be about creating strength and trust in a relationship and not about accusations or tearing one another down. Letting her into your insecurities is not a sign of weakness, but she would feel closer to you and feel like you know how to maintain a healthy relationship. Remember this relationship advice, don't be afraid to show emotions. By allowing yourself to be emotional, you’re improving communication and enabling her to trust you. 

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How to Treat a Woman Rule #4: Let her be a part of your life 

A woman loves to be included, whether that means being included in your future plans and goals or your hobbies, interests, and passions. A man that knows how to treat a woman right will always think of her and consider her when it comes to personal affairs. Follow this dating advice to maintain a good relationship: don't isolate her from aspects of your life, letting her be a part of it will show that you know how to treat a woman and that she is an important part of your life. Of course, we all need our personal space and time. That much is a given. But that doesn’t mean you should shut her out and shun her, even when you’re enjoying some private time alone.

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How to Treat a Woman Rule #5: Live in the moment

It’s tempting to keep checking those pop up notifications on Facebook or to answer a text or call when they come in. But a man that knows how to treat a woman right will always give his full attention to her when they are spending quality time together. When you put away the distractions, you allow yourself to connect on a deeper level and to really appreciate your time together. When you’re having dinner or doing anything together, just put the phone away or turn it off and really give her your undivided attention without any distractions. Giving your all in every moment of the relationship is a dating advice that you will thank us for telling you later. 

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How to Treat a Woman Rule #6: Don’t just have sex, make love

How does a real man treat a woman during their intimate moments? With passion. A real man doesn’t just go through the motions, but he will really show his love. He’ll make his woman feel special. This is where you want to bring out your loving emotions, where you want to fill the moment with meaning, intimacy, and feeling. Sometimes you just want to have sex, and there’s a place for that too, but in any relationship, how to treat a woman right during sex is to show how he feels about her and appreciate her with love during such intimate moments. Having these feelings of love and passion incorporated in your sex life will help keep your relationship strong.

How To Treat A Woman -7 relationship advice

How to Treat a Woman Rule #7: Be selfless

Relationships take a lot of effort, and there is definitely a lot of give and take in any relationship. A real man will make sure he knows how to treat a woman by putting in effort to make her feel happy and loved. The phrase "Happy wife, Happy life" may sound cliché, but it's still a necessary dating advice you need to know. Making her feel like you know how to treat her right is not necessarily by giving lavish gifts or materialistic measurements, but more about you being by her side and being her best friend. Give her unconditional support when she needs it, but also knowing when to give her space and let her be herself. By treating a woman the way she wants and deserves to be treated, your relationship will be a long-lasting and loving one. 

How To Treat A Woman -8 relationship advice

Most of this can be summed up with the words communication, passion, and respect. Do all that you do with intent, with thought, and you cannot go wrong. Always strive to be a better gentleman. Women will take note of it. One other important aspect in relationships are dates, and that's the next date advice we will be getting into. 

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Why Do Date Nights Matter?

In a new relationship, a date night is like an icebreaker. They provide a setting to get to know each other without creating a high-pressure situation. They help you figure out what activities you like to do together and what you have in common. It’s also much easier to talk about your values and life experiences when you’re doing an activity, rather than simply sitting down and getting into the deep stuff right off the bat.

In an established relationship, date night can freshen up your routine as a couple. They also give you the chance to see each other in a new light and create new memories together. 

It can be hard to think of date ideas that break the mould without being too “out there,” but don’t worry, we’ll help you out on that. We’ve compiled our favorite date night ideas that will be fitting for different date scenarios. 

First Date Night Ideas 

While dinner and a movie is a classic for a reason, we recommend something a little more out-of-the-box for a first date night. Aim for a date that gives you an activity to do, so if there are any awkward silences, there’s something else going on to fill the void.

date night ideas date with sunset valentine's day

However, the first and most important rule to planning a first date is this: think about what your date would enjoy. Don’t be afraid to ask them! But here are a few good date ideas to start with:

  • Take a dance class together. Even if you can’t dance, it’s totally okay. Dancing together will be fun and romantic, and a great chance to get close to your date with flirty moves here and there. You can also gain a little bit of insight into the type of music your date likes, this will be a great piece of information to know for a future date night as well. 
  • Watch the sunset. Grab a blanket, a few snacks, and a bottle of wine, and drive to a great lookout location together. The beautifully colored sky will be a great backdrop as you get to know your date.  
  • Home-make an elaborate dish like pasta. This beats just going to dinner because you’re actually doing something together. And even if the conversation doesn’t flow, you still have pasta at the end. You could also find a cooking class to take together, and handmade food will be more meaningful than a normal restaurant date night. This date idea will bring some great laughs and inside jokes between you and your date. 
  • Make cocktails and do a puzzle. This is a perfect first date when the weather’s cold and all you want to do is bundle up and get cozy. Find an easy and tasty cocktail recipe and impress your date with an amazing drink, then finish the night with a brain-scratching puzzle to challenge each other.
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Indoor / Quarantine Date Ideas

COVID has a lot of us cooped up inside, but there’s plenty to do for a date indoors (aside from watching Netflix). It just takes a bit of creativity to find great quarantine date ideas. Take a look at our list of quarantine date ideas: 

  • Play a trivia game. You can buy pre-made trivia games made for couples that ask get-to-know-you questions, or you can make your own. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ll get to learn something about your partner you didn’t know before. If this is a first date, this is a great way to learn about each other without the awkward “Where are you from? How many siblings do you have? What do you do for work?” list of basic questions. One of the popular ones to start with is the 36 Questions that Lead to Love, coined by Mandy Len Catron’s modern love essay. There are three sets of questions, setting up different scenarios that range from a casual get-to-know-you to views on various aspects of life. 
  • Set up a tasting. You could do this with whatever you both like – whiskey, ice cream, wine, chocolate, anything you can think of. Food is one of the easiest topics to bond with on a date night, and will set you up for future date ideas as you’ll know what your date’s favorite food is. 
  • At-home spa day. Put on face masks, give each other pedicures, and home-make body scrubs. Unwind with a chilled indoor date night, and you can even go one step further to set a romantic mood with dimmed lights and fragrant candles. 
  • DIY wine and paint night. Time to embrace your creative side and go wild with an artsy date night. Buy some inexpensive canvases and paint kits, ask your date to bring a bottle of wine, and make some art together. You can even agree on a theme and have a paint-off on this quarantine date night. 
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    Valentine’s Day / Special Date Ideas

    Sometimes you want to pull out all the stops for a special date night. Before you spring for dinner at a romantic restaurant, remember that the best memories are usually made off the beaten path. Focus more on making your valentine’s day date feel special than on spending a lot of money or checking any specific boxes. Here are a couple of unique date ideas to give you some inspiration: 

    • Go camping – or glamping, if you and your date aren’t the outdoorsy type. Pitch a tent or rent a cabin in the woods. You’ll be surprised how nice a break from the hustle and bustle can be. You can lie under the stars and relax to the sound of wind brushing past leaves, it would be a date night that you and your partner will never forget. 
    • Surprise them by sharing their favorite hobby. If your date loves reality TV and you’re not normally a fan, plan a binge-watching marathon with them. If they’re artistic and you can barely hold a paintbrush, take them to a museum and let them explain the artwork to you. They’ll love sharing their favorite things with you. This date night idea will make your partner feel like you want to participate in every aspect of their life, including their interests and hobbies. 
    • Write each other a song or poem and perform it for each other. Give this a week or two of notice to prepare and get ready.This will give you the chance to think about how much your partner means to you, and revisit some of your favorite moments together to write something special for each other. Even if neither of you is a writer or a musician, you’ll be surprised how touching this date night can get.
    • Revisit your first date spot. Take a trip down memory lane together by recreating your first date. Remind you and your partner on how far your relationship has progressed since your first meeting. Recreating these precious memories can reignite that spark and make your date night extra passionate. 
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    You need to realize that not all people are the same in how they wanted to be treated

    It’s crucial to understand that you can’t please everybody, and you shouldn’t try. This is where your conviction and your pride come into play. First, don’t take it personally. How could you have known? Apologize if necessary and put it behind you. If one or people don’t like the way you act, it’s not that big of a deal. If the majority of the woman you come in contact with are put off by it, you’re doing something wrong. In that case, you should take a long hard look at yourself to see what you can change.

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