How to Keep Your Travel Outfits in Style | Trendy Items to Pack for a Business Trip

The glaring sunlight was all Chris could see as he got off the plane; he had finally arrived in Greece for a four-day business trip. The chauffeur waiting outside the airport carefully put his vintage briefcase and small luggage into the trunk, then swiftly driving off.

The key to success is to play confident. These words were the principle that Chris followed religiously at work.  He never brings much on business trips, but the strategy is to be as simple as possible, yet classy enough to make a statement; and with statement, comes confidence.

Getting out of the car, he tucked his sunglasses into his suit and walked into the towering skyscraper with ease. The glass doors to the meeting automatically opened when he approached it.

“Good afternoon, it’s an honor to be here.” Chris greeted the room with a charming smile, opening his briefcase and getting ready for his presentation. 

1. Classic Sunglasses

Classic Sunglasses
The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear: Vicuña Brass Collection Sunglasses

What is better than a pair of classic sunglasses to beat the heat? Having dark shades give you an air of mystery, and along with your suit and tie, you’re already a James Bond in the making! Classic sunglasses go well with any color; therefore, you don’t need to worry about it not fitting with your different variety of suits.

2. Casual Cologne 

casual cologne for work


The elevator was empty when Chris stepped into it; he was going to his first meeting with the CEO of the company. He had only started working here as an intern for a few months, and today was the day he proved himself to be competent enough. Just then, the doors dinged open and in walked the boss himself. 

Chris greeted the CEO with a smile and nod, he wasn’t sure if the CEO knew who he was. Little did he know; the boss was analyzing him quietly. A well-dressed man means that he cares about first impressions. The CEO gave him a nod in approval, Chris had passed the first test. He was dressed well and to top it all, he wore the best cologne for work, which many people fail to do so. It was a casual cologne and brought out an air of confidence. 

Cologne is a significant item to bring on a business trip. It leaves a good impression if you use the correct scent for meetings; Scents such as musk or wood are great choices for serious events, they are light and bring out a hint of masculinity, perfect for a gentleman.

3. Vintage Style Leather Briefcase 

Vintage Style Leather Briefcase

Swaine Adeney Brigg: Black Leather Briefcase 

You can never go wrong with a leather briefcase. After repeatedly appearing in the movie series “Kingsman”, this vintage style leather briefcase has been the talk of the town. Bringing it with you to a business trip is not only convenient, it also spreads an aura of confidence all around. The professionalism following the vintage style is unreplaceable, you can make yourself look classy and also keep things simple at the same time.

4. Reversible Belt

Reversible belts, leather belts

GUCCI: Reversible Leather Belt

It is a hassle to bring too many things on a business trip, so keeping things simple is very important. But with several different suit styles, it is hard to pack the right things without bringing too much. Reversible belts are a great option because they have two colors that you can mix and match with your suits. It is more convenient, and they only make your outfits look better by matching. Most reversible belts are made out of leather, and are custom made to fit with your styles. These leather belts are definitely worth buying!

5. Bracelet

classic bracelet, stone bracelet, beaded bracelet

Azuro Republic: Silver Classic Obsidian 

Chris struggled to fit everything into his small suitcase. He was heading off to a three-day business trip that required different styled suits for several events, but there wasn't enough room to fit everything inside. Sitting down on his bed in defeat, Chris began to think about other ways to pack his several watches and accessories.

To make his outfits complete, he had to wear matching pendants and watches, but right now, it seems like an impossible task for him to bring all of them. Suddenly, he remembered that he had received a gift bracelet from an old friend. It was a classic stone bracelet that seemed simple yet elegant. Although it looks like a simple accessory, it plays a significant role in business trips. 

Dark-colored bead bracelets have the trait of fitting well with any style clothing. With simple styles, it brings out a sophisticated look, perfect for business attires. Besides being convenient to bring (you only need one to go with all of your suits), most beaded bracelets have healing stones of them. Not only do they bring you peace and confidence, they also bring you luck!



With so many things to pack, you have to choose the right ones to bring with you on a business trip. Simple is the key when it comes to traveling, but leaving a good impression is just as significant, especially if it is work-related. These are the five trendy items to pack for a business trip; not only are they simple and useful, they can also accentuate your travel outfits greatly!


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