How to Ask a Girl Out: Six Steps to Easily Get a Yes!

 I saw her walk into the office with a smile, her heels clicking behind her to signify her arrival. She looked at me, smiled, and disappeared into the elevator. My heart skips a beat whenever I see my Jennie. I remember how I’d ask myself how to ask someone out and even ran behind friends to know how to ask your crush out. With a few tips, I got the woman of my dreams.

A Perfect Gift for Her

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# How to ask a girl out: Before you ask for a date

Are you in the same situation? Don’t worry, Chris’s got you. Here’s how to approach a girl as I did with Jennie.
These three simple steps are the secret:

1. Plan out an intro:

Before you make a move, you’ve got to plan things out. Come up with a few conversation starters. They can be about current affairs or even joking about your boss’ hand movements.

2. Wait for the right moment:

Make sure she’s alone and free when you approach her. If you pick a time when she’s talking to someone else or busy in an activity, you could be ignored.

3. Approach your crush confidently:

Fake it till you make it! If you’re nervous, hide it but remember not to sound overconfident.

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How To Ask a Girl Out

# How to ask a girl out: Tips to help you succeed

These three tips teach you how to ask your crush out in no time:

1. Mindsets before you ask a girl out:

Every gentleman must have specific mindsets before you make your shot. Keep these points crystal clear so that you can successfully ask your crush out.
Here is what you always need to remember:
  • Remember to be earnest instead of desperate.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. Remember your limits.
  • Don’t over-analyze everything. This will make you sound confused.


2. Use texts to ask a girl out:

Once you get her number, you’ve got a great chance. Here’s how to ask a girl out over text:

  • Get your flirt on!

Girls love it when a man can be flirty over text. If you think it’s risky or you’re too scared, stop that at once- I assure you that she’ll adore it. It makes her feel appreciated, beautiful, and wanted; that’s precisely how you should make a girl feel. Jennie said she would giggle every time I flirted on text.

  • Keep it casual:

Casual conversations are the way to go. Don’t scare her off with a story that’s too deep. Talk about her likes ad dislikes or tell her a funny story. Make yourself feel approachable and someone she enjoys talking to. Jennie told me that talking to me became her favorite part of the day, and she’d anxiously wait for my texts.

  • React appropriately:

If your crush isn’t into talking about personal things or wants to talk about something specific, go along with it. Know how to react to whatever she’s feeling. The second your crush feels uncomfortable; she’ll start backing off and talk less. Please don’t make the mistakes I did, and take my advice. I almost lost Jennie by not paying attention to the little things and reacting the way she expected. 

  • Don’t reveal too much:

Believe me when I say that women adore mysterious men. This is important to answer your question about how to ask a girl out over text. It makes them want to know more and understand who you are. Accomplishing this is simple. All you need to do is not reveal too much about yourself. Don’t shut off completely; leave an element of mystery occasionally so you’ll always have something to talk about. The less you reveal, the more they gravitate towards you. Remember to tell things slowly to keep her interested, and so you always have something to talk about.

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How To Ask a Girl Out Over Text

3. Use cute ways to ask a girl out:  

Want to know how I asked Jenni out? It was literally straight out of a romantic comedy. I was outside her house with her favorite song blaring as I held up a sign that said “Will you go out with me?” in big letters. She ran down and hugged me. Here are a few cute ways to ask a girl out 

  • Write a love note but make it funny:

Girls love cute surprises. One of the best things to do to ask your crush out is to write her a cute note. Brownie points for making it funny! Maybe a message with an inside joke or a play with words. Get creative and be original, and you’re sure to get the girl.

  • Make a crossword puzzle:

Does your crush love puzzles? Do you often see her at work solving the crossword puzzle in the newspaper? Then design a crossword puzzle for her! Be creative and get her to create the sentence “Will you go out with me?” or anything else to get the message across. It is a cute and different idea that will definitely make her yours.

  • A cheesy pick-up line – but funny:  

Go on and look up cheesy pick-up lines right now. The internet is full of cheesy and weird ones. If your crush thinks you’re funny, pick a cheesy pick-up line from the internet or make up your own and use that to ask your crush out. Make sure the pick-up line is funny!

  • Sing her a song:

Women think music is romantic, and being sung to will make them fall for you. If you can sing, bring out that guitar and get ready to ask her out with her favorite love song. It’ll be even better if you can manage to write your own.

  • Use emojis or gifs:

Do you often use emojis and gifs with your crush? Then that’s precisely what you’ll use when you ask her out. Make it a little cryptic by using the only emojis to get your point across, or send a simple gif of that TV show she loves.

Cute Ways To Ask a Girl Out

# How to ask a girl out: Fashion tips you need to know

Want some first date tips for men now you have the girl? One of the essential things in dating advice for men is what you wear.
The one thing you must avoid is clever clothing. Instead, opt for something that lets your personality shine through. Maybe a statement piece such as a bracelet or watch or even those fancy shoes. Your clothes are your first impression!
Girls love a man who smells good, so never forget the perfume. Most importantly, remember to wear a smile, so she knows that you’re sure that she is the one you want. Amongst all dating tips for men, fashion comes first.
fashion tips for men on first date

# Go on the date

I remember how beautiful Jennie looked on our first date. I followed those tips above and was so glad I knew how to ask a girl out. The advice I gave you are your golden rules on how to ask crush out, and they will help you find cute ways to ask a girl out. The final thing is to be yourself and have a good time. Be a gentleman and treat your lady right, and she will be yours.

Ready For Your Date?

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by Azuro Republic