Why are Gemstones Cut as Cabochon? A breakdown on cabochon cut & faceted cut

Lately I’ve been collecting jewelry like crazy, especially rings. I recently discovered cabochon rings and wanted to share this unique jewelry staple, its significance, and a few awesome cabochon jewelry pieces with you all.

Cabochon cut, what is cabochon

What is a Cabochon?  

Cabochon stones are cut with a polished, dome-shaped cut rather than facets.

Cabochon cut, what is cabochon

Cabochon vs. Faceted Cut

We’re used to seeing diamonds cut into facets because that’s the best way to showcase a diamond’s sparkle. Faceted cuts reflect more light. Gemstones are often cut into cabochons to showcase the natural grain, texture, and internal colorations of the stone itself. Cabochon cuts are also great for more casual jewelry; faceted cuts tend to look more regal and to be more expensive.

The History of Gemstone Cuts

People have been cutting gemstones to showcase their beauty for thousands of years. Faceting and cabochon cuts are both very old, showing up in the 1400s.

5 Cabochon Jewelry Ideas

Cabochon Rings

Elsa Peretti Cabochon Ring

This sleek, simple cabochon cut design showcases the beauty of the green jade, letting it take center stage.

Green Nephrite Jade Cabochon Ring

This green nephrite ring is contemporary and timeless at the same time. Jade is one of the most popular healing crystals, making it ideal to keep close.

Pamela Love Mood Ring

I love this gorgeous, modern take on the mood rings we all used to wear as kids. The oblong shape is sleek and polished, making a statement no matter what color your mood changes it to.

Cabochon Bracelets

Halcyon Days “Skinny Cabochon Pearl Black & Gold” Bangle

This black and gold enamel bangle is perfectly androgynous. I recommend using it to add a softer touch to a masculine outfit or to accent a colorful ensemble.

Lalique Cabochon Flexible Bangle

This upscale take on a classic flexible cuff takes it up a notch with the bold deep green crystals. It feels playful and casual, yet dressed-up.

Steven Battelle Chunky Gemstone Bracelet with Apetite, Amethyst, and Blue Moonstone

When you want to showcase your artsy side with a big statement piece, reach for this bracelet. Let the rest of your outfit stay simple so this bracelet can take center stage.

Cabochon Necklaces

Haverhill Cabochon Turquoise Necklace

Keep it simple with this minimalist pendant. Or wear it with layers for a bit of whimsy.

1st Dibs Dark Blue Sapphire Cabochon Necklace

This long sapphire number would look fantastic with a plain black turtleneck.

Lizzie Mandler Turquoise Gold Necklace

Dress up a plain white t-shirt with this intriguing latching design.

Cabochon Earrings

Revolve Cabochon Hoop Earrings

When you want to make a splash at a big party, reach for these earrings. They’ll draw attention to your face and are sure to be a conversation-starter.

The Aklemistry Yellow Gold and Opal Earrings

The cabochon cut on these opal earrings lets the gemstones shine.

Maria Tash Turquoise and Gold Earring

Even flying solo, this turquoise hoop makes a big splash.

Cabochon Watches

Cartier Pink Gold Watch

The pink gold and blue hands add a subtle distinctive touch that sets off the sapphire-colored glass crystal on the side. It’s a perfect pick when you want the elegance of Cartier with a fashion-forward color palette.

Cartier Rose Gold and Diamond Watch

A more refined take on the pink gold, the deep blue cabochon crystal is a bit more subtle in this instance.

Boucheron Yellow Gold and Leather Quartz Watch

This show-stopper piece gives strong Art Deco vibes, which is never a bad thing. The cabochon crystal on the side sets off the whole piece, adding an exciting twist to a classic vintage look.


by Azuro Republic