The Coronavirus is changing how we do everything, including how we shop for the best jewelry brands. Instead of browsing in a conveniently located store, now it’s all about online shopping. But when you have the whole internet at your disposal, it can be hard to know what the best jewelry websites are for men’s fashion trends, and which ones are for you. We’re here to help.

What is the best website for jewelry?


best jewelry websites

If you’re in your early 20’s and you need to stick within a reasonable price range without sacrificing quality and trendiness, ASOS is a promising option for you. The brand is targeted mainly at young adults, so you’ll find the best brands and newest looks, all well-made at the price point.

On the upside, they have a wide selection. Online orders also often qualify for free shipping, allowing you to put that savings toward more jewelry. However, if you’re on a very tight budget, ASOS might be out of your price range. And if you only want to buy one or two pieces, you may still have to pay for shipping.

2. Shopify

best jewelry websites

Shopify isn’t a single store – rather, it’s a platform for small e-commerce stores. That means you’ll be able to find just about anything you’re looking for on a Shopify store.

The upside to this is the variety you get – every Shopify store is different, which means every store has a unique selection. You’ll be able to find pieces you can’t find anywhere else, which is ideal for making you stand out. The downside is that you’ll have to check each individual store’s return policies and shipping fees, because they’ll all be different. And since each store is different, that leaves it up to you to vet them for quality.

3. Farfetch

best jewelry websites

Farfetch is a luxury online store that carries top sought-after brands like Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, Balenciaga, and Versace. You’ll find up-to-date, high-fashion jewelry here.

Reviews for Farfetch praise their expansive selection and fast shipping – though some customers have had issues with their orders, just like any other online retailer. Their luxury items may not be priced any cheaper than other places to buy similar brands, but they do have a sale outlet where you can search for discounts if that’s your thing.

4. Mr. Porter

best jewelry websites

Mr. Porter is an online menswear retailer. They carry over 450 leading international brands (including brands like Tom Ford, Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Nike), with new products and styles added multiple times a week.

On their website, they provide expert style advice and blog content to give you style inspiration. Their online magazine and semi-monthly newspaper give up-to-the-minute style news. However, some customers have had issues with getting their orders on time and filled correctly, and have at times struggled with customer service.

5. Net-A-Porter

best jewelry websites

Net-A-Porter set a new trend when it combined took luxury shopping online. Today, the site carries over 800 designer brands.

Net-A-Porter isn’t just a retailer; it’s a style service. They regularly put out style inspiration content to help you find your style and get up to date on the latest trends, and their Style Trial lets you try on clothes before you buy them. However, Net-A-Porter is mostly focused on women’s fashion (Mr. Porter is the masculine offshoot). But if your jewelry style is androgynous, they’re still worth taking a look at. Additionally, expect delays or unavailability for some of their more individualized service options like their in-home try-on service in select major cities.

6. Yes Style

best jewelry websites

Yes Style is an all-in-one destination for Asian style, and that includes jewelry. The retailer emphasizes affordability, convenience, and variety.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find. You’ll find pieces for as inexpensive as $5. And their selection ranges from the understated to the show-stopping (and sometimes costumey), from the traditionally masculine to the androgynous (and sometimes even undeniably cute). But you won’t find anything too glamorous here. And there have been reports of some jewelry arriving damaged, so check your order carefully when it arrives. This is a great option if you want to try out a new style without committing to a more expensive piece.

7. Ssense

best jewelry websites

Ssense is a brand that’s big on artistry and aesthetics. Here you’ll find a good range of prices, starting at $50, with more luxurious pieces going up to $3,800. The trusted retailer offers a lower price for luxury, avant-garde, and street brands, which means they carry a lot of different aesthetics. However, the brand does have a distinct vibe and personality, so their jewelry section won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

8. Matchesfashion

best jewelry websites

Matchesfashion positions itself as a destination for modern luxury shopping aimed at the “confident global fashion customer.” If you’re into luxury fashion with an eclectic approach, you’ll probably like this retailer. They carry over 650 designers and aim to be “the most personal luxury shopping experience in the world.”

And they live up to the name. They offer 24/7 advice with their MyStylist service and free returns, so you can take fashion risks without fear. However, their jewelry selection is on the pricier end; even small pieces start at $84. But if you’re looking for something luxurious, you’ll likely find it here.

9. Mytheresa

best jewelry websites

This Germany-based brand ships to 133 different countries and keeps its inventory fresh with 600 new arrivals every week.

They’ve earned an excellent track record with customers, in part thanks to their customer service. Their team employs native speakers of multiple languages, all prepared to answer questions about fit, craftsmanship, and to help with returns. But with prices starting at $95, many people may find themselves priced out of Mytheresa’s jewelry selection. Their men’s jewelry selection, while not tiny, is far from expansive. And the overall aesthetic of the pieces stays fairly reserved. If you’re looking for pieces that are overtly alternative or showy, you might not find that here.

10. Saks Fifth Avenue

best jewelry websites

Saks Fifth Avenue has been around forever, and with good reason. They stock top brands and pair them with a peerless shopping experience.

Saks Fifth Avenue’s reputation precedes it. You know you’ll receive excellent service and that the pieces will be of impeccable quality. Their selection, though pricey, is large and eclectic, so you’ll be able to find pieces that stand the test of time. However, Saks (and their price point) likely won’t be for you if you aren’t sure what your style is and want to experiment with new styles before splurging on investment pieces.

In the end, choose the online jewelry retailer whose selection you like the most; there’s no right or wrong choice. Browse their sites and selection to see which vibes speak to you, and go wild.


by Azuro Republic