Azuro Republic - Craftsmanship of Azuro Stone Bracelets

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

In line with our own devotion to high excellence and class, Azuro Republic aspires to craft natural stone bracelets of the highest quality with the best possible materials. We believe that a gentleman should dress his best for any occasion. Our stone bracelets are meant to help you do just that. Not only do they put the perfect finishing touch on your outfit, they have a deep history that sends a message to the rest of the world about who you are as a person and what you stand for.

These core values and beliefs are reflected and deeply embedded in the craftsmanship of each and every single one of our unique stone bracelets. The process we use is a very distinct, albeit a very complex one. But we do that to make sure that our stone bracelets are one of a kind, possess each of the qualities that we uphold, and doesn’t fall short of our expectations in any way, shape, or form.

Everything starts with a sketch

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

In order for us to create outstanding natural stone bracelets and men’s wear, we need to start with a sketch. The sketch will include all the information, but then we will refine it, and illustrate it in digital 3D. We understand that it’s crucial to get the design right for the stone bracelets before we start creating them and begin the manufacturing process. So before anything else, getting from 2D design to 3D design is the top priority.

The materials we will use starting from this point include wax or resin, depending on the situation. In the event that we use resin, we will have to use the silicon or the rubber mold first, and then add wax in the silicon mold. Once all of that has been completed, we will remove it from the mold.

Creating the 3D design and wax tree

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

After creating the 3D design, we will bring it into fruition via 3D printing and then proceed to create a wax tree. A wax tree is a setting with spruing that will be needed for the casting phase. It’s crucial to make sure that the wax tree is set up to our precise specifications so that it can perfectly carry out its role. As the wax tree will provide direction for the rest of the casting process going forward, our designs are done as carefully and meticulously as possible.

Adding to the plaster investment mixing machine

Here we will mix plaster with the wax tree. We do this using a plaster investment mixing machine which we will use to mix plaster with the wax tree. This is the step that ensures that the quality of our stone bracelets end up being top-notch. This is done by following a very specific set of steps with precise and accurate measurements to achieve proper mixing and balance. Next, is the wax losing process in which we trim down the wax for the silver casting phase.

Silver casting in the plaster mold

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

Silver casting is one of the most important steps throughout the entire process. This is done by pouring liquid silver into the dried and empty casting mold. This is where the key parts of the stone bracelet actually start taking shape. Next, we must wash down the plaster and cool the mold down to ensure that the silver takes proper shape in the mold so it eventually looks the way we want it to look.

We’ll then make sure to wash the plaster flakes off under high pressure. With our specialized equipment, we are able to eliminate any flakes or unwanted superfluity without any hassle. Even if it’s just something minor, we will not settle until even the most minute detail is attended to.

Afterward, we will complete the mother silver piece and make the rubber mold. The mother silver piece and the rubber mold together pave the way for the remainder of the process.

Injecting wax into the rubber mold

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

At this point, we have the rubber mold ready to use. However, we will need to inject wax into the rubber mold. And this is where we have to focus on injecting the right amount of wax, which is a very complex and demanding task. Injecting wax into the rubber mold is what gives us the wax model that acts as an integral part of the casting process.

Repeating earlier steps in the process

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

After we’ve created the wax tree, we need to mix plaster with the wax tree, and again, we will have to go through the wax losing step as well. Then once again, we will go through silver casting on the plaster mold and then also cooling and washing down the plaster.

This is to ensure that we didn’t miss anything and to really clean it up so that we can deliver a stone bracelet that is worthy of the name Azuro Republic.

Putting the finishing touches

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

We’ve finally reached the last stage of the process and can begin wrapping it up. The silver tree will need to be polished as well, and then we will enter the repairing phase and start polishing each individual piece of the bracelet until they are completely clean and spotless.

Then it all comes down to work on the stones. Once each stone is chiseled and refined to perfection, we start assembling them so that they all come together to reach our expectations of aesthetic appeal. We go above and beyond to make sure that we deliver stone bracelets of unmatched beauty and quality.

Stone Bracelets You Can Trust

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

The thing to note here is that we do almost everything manually, and most of the process is done by hand. This makes what we do distinct and unique compared to other companies out there that manufacture their bracelets by the thousands. Azuro Republic’s stone bracelets are not merely accessories that serve as a fashion statement or make you look better. They symbolize your values, drive, and passion and serve as a constant source of motivation and encouragement. This goal requires a personal touch and that’s exactly what we seek to accomplish.

As you see, crafting our stone bracelets is no easy task, mainly because most of the process is carried out by hand and the value that you get here is second to none. Yet we realize that by using top-of-the-line materials to painstakingly create these beautiful works of art, we are able to deliver the ultimate, one-of-a-kind stone bracelet to you. And when we put it that way, all of this is definitely more than worth it.

Azuro Republic Craftsmanship

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