5 Unmissable Beaded Necklace to Match All Your Styles in 2024

You are never fully dressed without necklace.

“It’s tough, Chris! How do I find my style?”When my friend posed that burning question to me, my response was simple: “You’d want to check out mens beads necklaces, man.” It’s what I say whenever anyone asks me how I became the young Adonis you see today. With a simple crystal beads necklace for men, I’ve boosted my charm overnight and even healed my spirit. So let me tell you all about this awesome accessory.

The past and present of beads necklaces

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Historically, beads necklaces have been known to have healing properties that could cleanse your soul. They were, hence, widely valued by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. In the late Gothic and early Renaissance Period, these beaded necklaces were also used to communicate wealth and affluence.

Young celebrities, such as Pete Davidson and Jaden Smith are often pictured today with these necklaces. Even superstars like Johnny Depp prefer them over most necklaces since they benefit both your body and mind, and they have a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Unveil the perfect mens beads necklace for you

To rock the perfect beads necklace with different fits, here’s an article that you’d want to check out. If you’re wearing a suit, you’d want a simple necklace about 20-24 inches that you can tuck beneath your dress shirt for a classy and enigmatic look. On the other hand, if you’re going for a more casual vibe with a T-shirt, a long 30 inch necklace is the way to go. And finally, when you’re wearing a polo shirt, your necklace should be between 20-30 inches. This gives off a mysterious aura and shows everyone around you that you mean business.

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Why Wear Beads Necklace For Men 

Bead necklaces are no longer a woman's privilege. Starting from the hip-hop culture where rappers would wear thick and heavy gold Cuban chains to show off. Heavy metal artists would wear layers of necklaces with big skulls to have an intimidating image. In the modern world, men style their necklaces with a more modest look. 
There are a few reasons why you need to have beads necklaces

1. Be more stylish within a sec:
A mens beads necklace with any kind of outfit, a t-shirt, a tank top, or a dress shirt can all go with a mens beads necklace.

2. Keep positive energy:

crystal beads necklaces block negative energy and attract positive one. You can wear the beads necklace in style and benefit from its healing property as well.

3. A great conversation opener:

Any unique part of you welcomes people to start a convo with you easily. A beads necklace is a good starter to invite people to ask you about the beads necklace. 

5 irreplaceable beads bracelets in life 

Allow me to share with you five of the most important necklaces in my life. Why are these mens beads necklaces so important, you might ask? Well, it’s simple. Mens beads necklaces have gained its popularity and become a way to better express our individuality.

1. Gold Amethyst Beads Necklace With Lion Pendant 
Now here’s a classic and fashionable necklace that you’d love to add to your collection. The best style for this necklace is wearing it with a black suit since the lion pendant stands out immediately. You’ll often see strong, stable, and successful celebrities like The Rock sporting this particular piece. This is because it cures stress, anxiety, and even physical issues faster; and it can also be used to help you sleep better at night.

Amethyst Beaded Necklace with Lion Pendant

Mens' gold pendant with a beaded necklace is a classic and unique style to carry.

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2. Obsidian Crystal Mens Beads Necklace
This mens beads necklace is a fashionable piece that gives off a dark and mystifying aura. It’s a great option to tuck into your shirt when wearing a suit as it gives a stylish, sophisticated look. Along with seeing Johnny Depp wearing it, you might have also heard about it from Victoria Beckham. You should definitely be wearing this while taking risks, such as investing in the stock market, since it’s known to have properties that attract good fortune.

Gold Obsidian Beaded Necklace

Gold Obsidian Necklace is one of the black crystal necklaces. The first usage was recorded in the Rome Empire as a shield and armory.

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3. Silver Green Agate Beads Necklace With Buck's Pendant
Did someone say classy and antique? The buck’s pendant in this mens beads necklace definitely gives off that energy! Wearing this necklace with a grey/brown suit and a dark shirt underneath is the best way to contrast your outfit and accessories. David Beckham has been frequently pictured with these beads, bringing beaded necklaces to style once again. Silver green agate is a rare crystal that is known to improve your mental health, develop your emotional intelligence, and your decision-making and dispute resolution abilities. 

Silver Green Agate Necklace

Silver pendant necklace for men in green Agate has a gentle, sophisticated touch, and green Agate necklace releases stress and anxiety.

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4. Beaded Angel Wing Necklace with Tiger Eye
Extremely popular in today’s age, this beads necklace with its tiger eye beads is all about courage. It is bound to make you look both fashionable and fearless when you style it with a denim jacket. Jason Statham, our favorite anti-hero, is one of those who can flawlessly pull off this particular piece. With this necklace, you’ll be able to free your mind from all your unnecessary fears, chase your dreams, ask out your crush, and be completely unstoppable!

Tiger Eye Crystal Necklace

Tiger Eye Necklace is one of the brown crystal necklaces. Tiger Eye Crystal embodies courage, demonstrates commitment, and represents wealth.

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5. Dragon Claw Beads with Lapis Lazuli, Picasso Jasper
If you’re looking for a bolder option, the dragon claw mens necklace is the way to go. This necklace looks fantastic when paired with a turtleneck sweater and worn at a shorter length compared to the other necklaces. Hugh Jackman is someone who truly encompasses the bold yet uplifting image of this beads necklace. The use of lapis and Picasso jasper in this necklace can help you connect with your feelings, strengthen your bonds, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Lapis Lazuli Beaded Necklace

Lapis Lazuli, Picasso Jasper crystals with dragon claw beaded necklace aspires for changes and resolves anxiety.

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Tips For Wearing Mens Beads Necklaces 

Style is art. If you are new to wearing mens beads necklaces, and you do not want to look like a frat boy, here are some important tips for you. 

 #1 Simplicity is the Key: You are not Lil Yachty, you don’t need to wear 3 inches thick of chain necklaces, or gold pendants this are bigger than your face. Keep your beads necklaces under two. 

#2 The importance of length: A typical length of a beads necklace should be 20-24 inches. You can also style a 4mm chain necklace 2 inches shorter than your beads necklace to create the layer. 

#3 Subtle, not to overwhelm: A 8mm mens beads necklace in a single color is great for a starter. It gives a nice highlight of your style. Remember you do not need thick necklaces to draw too much attention. 



by Azuro Republic