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Gem: White Jade 
Color: Crystal White Ornament 
Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver 
Diameter: 8~10 mm 
Length: Tailored to size 
Weight: 20~35g subject to length

Healing Properties

Turquoise is a crystal of calmness and clarity. If you are seeking peace and want to rejuvenate energy. Turquoise crystals can soothe unstable emotions, bring happiness & joy to life, and evaluate wisdom.

Design Philosophy

We engraved the center with Azuro iconic circle of leaves, representing peace and harmony. Azuro Logo embedded on the North and South hemispheres in the classic design symbolizes equality and balance.
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Ethical Metals

Use ethical silver and gold metal for a sustainable cause with certified ISO14000. The molding, refining, plating, crafting processes are Eco- friendly.