Premium 925 Silver Classic Red Tiger’s Eye

Premium 925 Silver Classic Red Tiger’s Eye



A tiger concentrates on its desires, which longs to attain it no matter how high the destination it may be. Its determination never ceases and it’s patience adds to its significant characteristic. Red tiger eye enhances the quality of faithful mind and persistence. With its presence, it can draw courage and power to fight any negative energy, allowing people to pacify one’s heart. this is a rather very charming stone.


Gem: Red Tiger’s Eye

Symbol: Determination

Color: Venetian Red

Ornament Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver

Diameter: 8~10 mm

Length: Tailored to size

Weight: 20~35g subject to length

Design: Classic Azuro handcrafted


14cm / 5.5 inch, 15cm / 5.9 inch, 16cm / 6.3 inch, 17cm / 6.7 inch, 18cm / 7.1 inch, 19cm / 7.5 inch, 20cm / 7.9 inch