Premium 925 Silver Classic Brown Agate

Premium 925 Silver Classic Brown Agate



Brown agate remarks for its beauty can be identified by its signature bands and translucent luster. It forms as a result of igneous rock marrying with the silica deposits in groundwater. The colorful bands that give the semi-precious stone its trademark bands are layers of agate deposits that develop on top of each other.

Brown agate is known to bring an overall sense of balance, which has a smooth energy that washes over the aura and mutes tensions across the field to promote harmony.


Gem: Brown Agate

Symbol: Balance

Color: Chestnut Brown

Ornament Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver

Diameter: 8~10 mm

Length: Tailored to size

Weight: 20~35g subject to length

Design: Classic Azuro handcrafted


14cm / 5.5 inch, 15cm / 5.9 inch, 16cm / 6.3 inch, 17cm / 6.7 inch, 18cm / 7.1 inch, 19cm / 7.5 inch, 20cm / 7.9 inch