How a Real Man Takes His Drinks

How a Real Man Takes His Drinks

You might be asking yourself, ”what sets a real man’s drinks apart from regular drinks and why is there a distinction between the two?” But believe me – there’s actually a big difference. If you ask great men such as the likes of Pierce Brosnan or Richard Gere what drinks they gravitate to, you’re likely to hear some similarities between their answers. There are some key attributes to a true gentleman’s choice of drinks that you would do well to take note of.

While it has become more socially acceptable for men to choose what they like over what they should like, some of us are more apt to retain the traditional masculinity that sets us apart from our millennial peers. So, if your lifestyle demands a little more than a cold beer, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Azuro Republic, we know what it means to be a real man and can help you get one step closer to your goal starting with drinks.


” The Rules of How a Gentleman Drinks “

Before we get to the list of drinks and cocktails for what I would personally recommend based on years of cultivating both my taste and lifestyle, I’d like to give you some guidelines so that you not only know what beverages to drink, but how to take your drinks and also what not to drink. Of course, you’re by no means limited to a set list of “drinks for men” as long as you’re able retain your own personal twist on your beverage of choice. However, there are some rules for what constitutes what a real man drinks.

First of all, if it’s sweet, don’t even think about it. Sweetness from fruit or dessert flavored drinks goes against the gentleman’s code of conduct for drinking with the exception of very simple garnishes like the ones in the drinks below. After all, if it’s good enough for James Bond, the epitome of classy manliness, it’s good enough for you.

Next, check to see if the drink is brown or clear. Most manly drinks either won’t be colored anything other than a shade of brown or will have no color at all. While most people assume that a manly drink is synonymous with high alcohol volume, this is a totally wrong assumption to have. What helps to constitute a manly drink is the burning sensation that it has on your throat and the bitter aftertaste it leaves behind. While sometimes that does go hand in hand with a high alcohol content, the two are factors should be kept completely separate from one another.

Another factor to take into consideration is the name of the drink. If something has a name that sounds weak or girly, you should probably avoid shouting it across the bar at the bartender. And finally, leave the drink accessories for women. You shouldn’t be using straws, umbrellas, or anything other than booze, a glass and/or some ice.


” Our Top Choices for What a Man Should Drink “

So, what drinks fit the above criteria exactly? While you might think those rules sound incredibly limiting, there’s actually quite a few great drinks that not only fit our criteria for how a real man drinks, but even work to further accentuate your own manliness. After all, alcohol is historically a drink by men for men, and many a glass or a dozen have been shared around meat-laden tables of our great ancestors and forefathers. These are the kind of drinks that’ll put hair on your chest, where you’ll wake up in the morning and try to figure out just how many you tossed back the night before through the throb of a killer headache from your hangover. Take a look at the list we’ve put together for some fine recommendations for what we consider to be among the top drinks for real men.


1. Irish Car Bomb

Despite the fact that this drink is often featured in frat boy films and downed without even the slightest hint of class, when done in the right way, an Irish Car Bomb can radiate rugged manliness and style. You get a stout of Guinness and a shot that is made up of half a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey and half a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Drop the shot into the Guinness and down it quickly before it starts to curdle.

Let’s get something out of the way first. The Irish Car Bomb is NOT an Irish drink. It is an American cocktail through and through. The reason for its naming is in large part due to its ingredients, Guinness, Baileys Irish Cream and Jameson Irish Whiskey. It is called a “car bomb” because of the way the reaction resembles an explosion. Only problem is, as car bombings have actually previously occurred in Ireland, the name is considered insensitive and offensive.

So we definitely don’t recommend ordering this one if you’re actually in Ireland. You probably won’t get the most pleasant of reactions from the locals. Heck, you might even end up getting thrown out of the pub!


2. Old Fashioned

This is one of s of choice. The Old Fashioned dates back to the 1800s, where it was used as a wake-me-up beverage for only the most seasoned and grizzled of men. Now, it’s used as a social evening beverage that is best consumed sipped, not swigged. There has been much debate over the rules of the Old Fashioned, such as the famous “shaken, not stirred” line from Bond himself. The drink should be kept simple and true to the traditional recipe.

The Old Fashioned is comprised of 3 dashes of bitters, 2 sugar cubes, 3 oz of bourbon whiskey, 1 tsp of water, and is garnished with one slice of orange and one maraschino cherry to tie in the flavors. It should be served in a diamond cut glass. Stir or shake, the decision is yours to make. Whether or not you want it served on the rocks is also completely up to you.

Another famous figure that pays homage to the Old Fashioned on more than just a few occasions is Don Draper of the hit TV series based in the 1960s, Mad Men. If you’re looking for another excellent example of how a real man acts and carries himself, look no further than Don Draper. Though, of course, there are many aspects of his private life that you most definitely shouldn’t try to emulate. If you’ve seen the show, you know what I mean.


3. Sidecar

This drink certainly has a bite and a bark. As the lore goes, it’s traditionally a military drink that was invented during the Great War, also known as World War I, by an American army captain whose motorcycle had a sidecar. The drink has been popular since the prohibition era. Don’t let its refreshing look and cute exterior fool you. The Sidecar definitely packs a much meaner punch than you’d expect.

Unlike the Old Fashioned, the Sidecar is definitively shaken – preferably with a bit of ice. It should be served in a frosted class and made up of 1.5 oz of cognac, a dash of lemon juice, and 1 oz of Cointreau orange liqueur.


4. Whiskey Sour

Is there such a thing as too much whiskey? A real man doesn’t think so, and that’s why the Whiskey Sour is one of the most popular drinks among men even to this day. The Whiskey Sour is another classic drink that dates back nearly a century and a half that has historically been a staple for millions of men everywhere. So if you’re ever in doubt and can’t think of anything you want to drink, you can’t go wrong with a Whiskey Sour.

You’ll want to shake it with ice, 2 oz whiskey, the juice of 1.5 lemons, a small slice of lemon, ½ tsp of powdered sugar, and 1 maraschino cherry for garnish.


5. Manhattan

Coming straight out of the Manhattan Club in New York City in the 1870s, the traditional Manhattan has remained unchanged, although a number of different variations exist. The drink was invented by Dr. Iain Marshall at a banquet for then presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden. The Manhattan rose to popularity as it was so well received during the event.

For a traditional Manhattan, pour 1 oz Johnnie Walker Black Label and ½ oz sweet vermouth over a glass of ice. Give it a quick stir and enjoy.

For starters, follow these guidelines and rules for how you decide to order your drinks in the future. There are many cocktails that are fit for real men that aren’t necessarily on our list, so don’t feel like you have to stick to just these five. Next time you’re at the bar, we encourage you to give one of these a try and let us know what you think. With Azuro Republic, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best and manliest possible version of yourself. Leave beer for the boys and help yourself grow into a more seasoned, manlier drinker. And remember: when in doubt, a simple whisky never fails.


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