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75 h
48 h

Creating & DESIGNING

Every unique Azuro design starts with a sketch. All creations are the tireless efforts of a group of unbelievable designers. Then we will refine and illustrate all sketches from 2D files into 3D laser designs.

54 h

Master Rubber Mold Making

The physical of the 3D laser printing will be put in a resin mold to create a master mold. The mold will then can inject with hot liquid wax. After the cool down of the wax, the mold is opened and the module is dedicated inspected. Imperfections are properly corrected before casting.

74 h

Waxing & Casting

A wax tree is a setting with spruing that will be needed for the casting phase. As the wax tree will provide direction for the rest of the casting process going forward, our designs are done as carefully and meticulously as possible.

With our specialized equipment we stabilize the casting temperature at 1500 degree and make sure to wash the plaster flakes off under high pressure. Elimination any flakes or unwanted superfluity without any hassle is how we provide the finest collection. We will not settle until even the last detail is attended to.

84 h

Soldering & Fabricating

We take one more stage caring of every bean we make. Torches and lasers are used to fabricate the detail settings. The precious stones to be highlighted are added to the piece. Specialized jewelers skilled at the art of stone and metal setting, use precision, hand-held tools to secure the sophistication of such finishing.

92 h

Polishing & Perfecting

The jewelry piece is finished by burnishing and lightly polishing to ensure the crisp detail of each Azuro design. Three polishing procedure is made to prefect the absolute beauty of a great creation.

98 h

Assembling & Quality Controlling

A stringent quality control is done. The slightest flaw is rejected and will be sent back through the process again. Only the finest pieces are assembled with a handwritten card symbolized equality. This is how Azuro Republic is made.

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