Silver Dragorse Versemee


Versmee fuses Red Tiger Eye & Sodalite.

Coming from the earth, Red Tiger Eye is in brownish red and has both light and dark lines running through it. Cultivate energies and aspire an individual to strive for excellence.

Sodalite bridges the subconscious & conscious mind, connects thoughts to feelings and strengthens mind over body. The combination of Red Tiger Eye and blue Sodalite shows a contrast of colors and reflects the value of determination and clarity. Versmee positions us to a new realm of achievement.


The diversified elements of the Dragorse design symbolize a mixture of creativity and histories. A combination of horse and dragon represents chaos, death as well as fertileness and luck. It reminds us to find balance in life, to accept two sides in everything. A medieval king helmet and Chinese emperor crown demonstrate the absolute power in overcoming all odds. It equips us with courage and persistence in finding the truth. 

Dragorse design - finding and accepting what can not be changed, but with the courage of changing what should be altered.   

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