Silver Dragorse Apollo


Apollo, the god of the sun, is a symbol of courage and aspiration. What shines through this Apollo collection is its energy and positivity. This combination of Bronzite and Hematite is not only unique in its origin and creation but a belief to act within us and be true to whom we are. Apollo collection embraces fear with courage and transcends positivity with aspiration.

The diversified elements of the Dragorse design symbolize a mixture of creativity and histories. A combination of horse and dragon represents chaos, death as well as fertileness and luck. It reminds us to find balance in life, to accept two sides in everything. A medieval king helmet and Chinese emperor crown demonstrate the absolute power in overcoming all odds. It equips us with courage and persistence in finding the truth. 

Dragorse design - finding and accepting what can not be changed, but with the courage of changing what should be altered.   

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