Rose Gold Classic Chrysanthemum


A delicate treasure found in the ocean. These gems are remains of the beautiful corals in the deep sea specially processed by Azuro. As beautiful as it is, it constantly reminds us to be grateful to the others.

    • Gem: Chrysanthemum
    • Symbol: Gratitude
    • Color: Saffron Orange
    • Ornament Material: Rose Gold Plated Beads
    • Diameter: 8~10 mm
    • Length: Tailored to size
    • Weight: 20~35g subject to length

    The Azuro Classic Design symbolizes the goals and ideals that Azuro Republic fights for and seeks to spread throughout the world. Azuro Republic seeks to create a positive environment for men of all kinds, regardless of origin, background, and beliefs, by changing the world for the better one step at a time. We believe that no man should be judged simply by where you come from, the color of your skin, or your religion. Rather, a man should be defined by your drive, your passion, and your ability to inspire others.

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