Silver Enamel Blue Hematite


Hematite, a precious composite created with iron oxide. A gem composed of iron oxide was found in the Middle East. Originally it is used as decorations on Spartan battle shields, this gem represents bravery and ambition.

  • Gem: Hematite
  • Color: Platinum Black
  • Ornament Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver
  • Diameter: 8~10 mm
  • Length: Tailored to size
  • Weight: 20~35g subject to length

Vitreous Enamel - The art of fusing glasses at the perfect temperature of 1500F with a smooth finishing colored coatings traced back to the ninth century.  Egyptians offered Enamel jewelry to worship God. Chinese decorated it as a representation of wealth and status. Romans used such design with gold to honor individual's contribution in the battlefield.

Combining its luxurious tradition with a subtle touch of Azuro core values creates a new look of the designs. Azuro Republic engraved element of gemstones into the enameled process making each bracelet a unique piece of its kind. 


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