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When Art Meets Silversmith

Kyle Kuo is one of the most prominent designers in Taiwan, crafted his first piece at the age of 10, mastered his craftsmanship in Japan. Known for his sophistication of detail and ability to bring design alive. “ I love and resent all my crafts, the mixed emotions provide me the fuel to create. “

Be Free, Be Your Own Master

Reflection Of A State Of Mind

Angel Wing – “ Crafting the wing ring in a systematical silhouette but with different shapes of feathers are the beauty of my art.” The two upside-down wings are a reflection of my state of mind, and an epitome of life. The wing jewelry is an aspiration not to be chained or labored by our feelings and everyday struggle.

Designer Ring, Necklace, Bracelet

Angel Wing Collection

Your Custom inspiration

Custom made jewelry with your own ideas. We will be hornored to create your one of a kind jewelry.

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