A Man’s Ultimate Style Guide to Cufflinks | How To Wear Cufflinks?

 Cufflinks for men are definitely a trend to have in mind, but what exactly are they? These accessories for men are small decorative attachments used to tie additional cuffs or folds of cloth to the wrist on long-sleeved tops.

Whether this is your first time getting yourself a brand new pair, or you are looking to step up your gentlemen’s style, get familiar with the different types, or the different materials, this guide is a must-read for you.

how to wear cufflinks

What are cufflinks used for? How to wear cufflinks?

These little accessories are really unique and, considering their size, they are one of the few accessories for men who can make a difference. Cufflinks for men can explicitly express your essence and give a message about something you identify with.

So they are not only a piece of jewelry that is there only for joining the cuffs or additional fabric folds at the wrist on long-sleeved dress shirts.

How to wear cufflinks? Types of Cufflinks For Men

The role of the cufflinks is to close the cuffs. How to wear cufflinks? Even though, just as there are several options to wear a suit or cook, each of the cufflinks for men does the job in a unique way. Here, we will talk about the most popular ones.

  • Silk:

How to wear cufflinks? These cufflinks for men can be dyed in any color and fits well in casual contexts, such as workplaces or gatherings if you do not want to project a picture of dominance or prestige. 

Pro: Reasonable price

Con: They don’t tend to last long

  • Titanium:

Titanium is a recent addition to the selection of metals used in jewelry. As such, it has a more modern touch that is portrayed in many styles. Like stainless steel and silver, it does have a neutral gray shade that lies beyond the color wheel, making it easy to match.

    Pro: Durable, highly resistant to rust and corrosion
    Con: It tends to cost more than almost any other metal

    how to wear cufflinks

    • GOLD

    Gold has long been a sign of stature, wealth, and distinction. How to wear cufflinks? These cufflinks for men are a personal statement. And they should most definitely be reserved for occasions when you want to make a major impact, such as corporate events, weddings, or some other, particularly formal event.

    Pro: They are stunningly beautiful

    Con: With its golden tones, it is harder to match, so you should choose the outfit wisely

    • Silver

    Silver cufflinks looks like stainless steel, but it has a much warmer color. How to wear cufflinks? It has been in use for a much longer time than steel and is synonymous with class and good taste. 

    Pro: Because of the color, you're not going to have trouble using the suits and shirts you've got.

    Con: It can tarnish, therefore you need to clean it periodically to keep it gleaming.

    • Stainless steel

    Stainless steel emits a grayish glow and is therefore simple to assemble; this makes it a "safe" choice.

    Pro: As is stainless steel, it will last a long way

    Con: Come in limited styles

    how to wear cufflinks

    What do cufflinks say about a man? How to wear cufflinks?

    We all grew up admiring James Bond, and he was an icon known for displaying men's cufflinks. Perhaps that's why the act of putting the cufflinks and the cuffs of the shirt in the right place is wrapped in a sign of individuality and glamor. 

    How to wear cufflinks? Wearing cufflinks entails not only transforming a moment into a special experience but also seeking to incorporate a dash of sophistication, a touch of something else. So the real question here is, what do you want to say by adding that something else?

    How to wear cufflinks? 

    1. What is the proper way to wear cufflinks? How to wear cufflinks?

    From everyday office use to special formal events, there are many different occasions you can be wearing them, and here are some guides.
    • How To Wear Cufflinks Black Tie Events

    Going to a black-tie event means that you do have the exclusive invitation to attend formal wear or the most elegant clothing you have. 

      These situations are one of the most common scenarios in which you might want to wear cufflinks.

      • How To Wear Cufflinks With Tuxedos

      First things first, Tuxedo shirts require cufflinks for men to be worn properly.
      It is not every day that a man wears a tuxedo, by adding a little extra sparkle to your wardrobe, you'll get the bold high-fashion look while also digging into your own unique style. 

      You'll want to add those classic silver or metallic highlights to your tux, and cufflinks are the best accessories to make that possible.

      • How To Wear Cufflinks At Work

      How to wear cufflinks? Wearing cufflinks for men at work is not a very common trend, but doing so will most definitely help you stand out from the competition. 
      Also, not even just that, you can share your favorite hobby and passions with superhero cufflinks to Star Trek cufflinks while always looking stylish at the office.

      2. How to wear cufflinks? Can you wear cufflinks with any shirt? 

      In order to be allowed to fit the cufflinks on the shirt, it has to be double or French cuffs, and also the shirt sleeves must stick out from the jacket sleeves. And the gap should be just over a centimeter wide so that men's cufflinks remain covered as you stand up

      How to wear cufflinks? As for the right color, white is a great alternative, but perhaps a light blue color or a fine line may be a good bet as well.

      3. What is the best brand for cufflinks? How to wear cufflinks?

      how to wear cufflinks
      • Tom Ford Onyx and Gold Disc Cufflinks

      Made of onyx and 18K yellow gold, these Tom Ford cufflinks simple to wear. You should try them with black and gold patterns, these cufflinks for men add  refinement to every suit collection.

      how to wear cufflinks
      •  Montblanc Round Wave Enamel Cufflinks

      Crafted for maximum elegance with a lavish and glamorous finishing touch, these simple cufflinks for men comes in classic silver and black.

      how to wear cufflinks
        • Tiffany & Co. Knot Cufflinks

        Made with sterling silver, these cufflinks for men are intended to be for those with sophisticated taste, modern in style with an urban touch. A piece you could wear every day and look classy every single time.

        how to wear cufflinks
        • Cartier Watch Crown Decor Cufflinks

        Made with fine sterling silver with palladium finish, these cufflinks for men are the ones for you if you feel bold and see yourself as a trendsetter, with its blue tones it will make every outfit your best outfit.

        how to wear cufflinks

        Finished with a luxurious set of craftsmanship, the Azuro Classic Cufflinks are gentlemen's cufflinks. Make a fashionable statement and certainly bring a modern touch to each and every look with these sophisticated and trendy cufflinks.


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