The Master Guide to Wearing Mens Rings

A delicate and fashionable bling on the hand may seem like a difficult wall to break through for a gentleman that hasn’t had experience with men’s rings, however they are essential to mastering the art of men’s accessories. A men’s ring can say a thousand things about a guy, and they are small additions that could easily elevate a stylish outfit, or send a message to those around you with a deeper meaning of details in your life. Before starting to look at the broad range of offerings in the men’s ring category, it is crucial to know what it means to wear a ring.

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Understanding the Meaning behind Mens Rings 

To begin your journey with the world of rings, you must know the meaning of wearing a ring on each finger. Yes, you heard right, there’s a different explanation behind ring wearing on every finger, but don’t worry, we will clarify everything and guide you with an all-rounded analysis.

Mens Rings Guide: The Thumb 

The thumb is one of the most prominent finger, and while thumb rings are not as common, they are definitely a men’s accessory you need to know about. It might not be the conventional finger to wear a ring, but a thumb ring can signify wealth or powerful influence. Typically only the wealthy would wear a thumb ring, as an intricate men’s accessory like a chunky ring would restrict movement and cause inconvenience even for daily tasks, and they are more costly compared to other men’s rings as more material would be used during production. It is a men’s ring for those who don’t have to do busy work. 

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Choosing to wear a men’s ring on the thumb could make a bold fashion statement. For men’s jewelry lovers, consider a new thumb ring if you want to wear multiple men’s rings on one hand, it would look more balanced as they are visually more spread out.

Mens Rings Guide: The Index 

Most would be familiar with a men’s ring on the index finger. The index finger is usually the first choice to fit a men’s ring on as it is one of the most used finger and can easily compliment a ring. An index ring is historically reserved for royalty, because when visitors greet the kings and queens, they kiss the index ring on the extended hands as a sign of respect and proper manners. This tradition then evolved into a habit of wearing a family crest or signet on the index finger to show ownership to a honourable reputation. 

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Wearing an index ring can also symbolize leadership and authority as it is connected to Jupiter. Jupiter is commonly referred as “the path”, hence the association with the index finger as we would use the finger to point the way. Compliment the characteristics of power and strength with healing gemstones in addition to an index ring. The crystal for men to consider are: Lapis Lazuli, Blue Topaz, and Amethyst. 

Mens Rings Guide: The Center 

The center of the hand is dictated by the middle finger, which is also frequently used. Wearing a men’s ring on the middle finger can signify sturdiness and harmony. There are no specific meanings associated with a middle ring, so if you’re a beginner to men’s rings, don’t be afraid to try this bold men’s fashion accessory. Stackable rings are typically worn on the middle finger as well. 

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The middle finger represents responsibility and balance as it is associated with the ringed planet, Saturn. Promote the soothing properties of Saturn with carefully selected crystal for men. Choose Azurite and the Howlite healing gemstone to maximize the benefits of wearing a middle ring. 

Mens Rings Guide: The Ring 

The ring, or fourth, finger is the one with the most significance for many. It is most commonly known as the wedding finger, and you usually find people wearing a ring on the fourth finger to show their marital status. The correlation between the ring finger and marriage stemmed from an old saying that there is a direct vein that runs through the ring finger to the heart. This vein was called Vena Amoris, or the “vein of love”. but note that The romantic connotation behind the wedding ring is different among different cultures and countries, make sure you know them before you go wedding ring shopping! In North America and Europe, a wedding band is normally worn on the left hand. However in Russia, Central America and India, the sentimental men’s ring is typically worn on the right hand. 

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The ring finger is also referred as the Apollo finger, associating with the greek god of sun and poetry. Wearing a men’s ring on this finger can signify creativity and beauty, and it is suggested to elevate the artistic qualities with the red tiger eye stone and jasper stone. 

Mens Rings Guide: The Pinky 

The pinky finger is usually one of the first considerations for a statement men’s ring as there are no religious or cultural meanings to a pinky ring. The pinky is furthest from the most used index finger, giving you the chance to choose a striking and more flashy pinky ring. wearing a trendy men’s ring on this finger also means you will get plenty of praises from those around you and bring the spotlight onto you on first meetings. It will shape your image as a bold and fashionable gentleman. In hollywood movies, however, pinky rings are portrayed with an affiliation with the Mafia, though that shouldn’t affect your decision to start looking for a stylish men’s ring on the finger opposite to the thumb. Reference a popular movie such as the Godfather whenever someone brings it up, and you’re guaranteed as the life of the party during social gatherings. 

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The pinky finger is controlled by mercury, which symbolizes intuition, intelligence, and persuasion. If you are a man of wits, try a men’s ring on your little finger along with healing gemstones such as turquoise and white jade to promote agility and positive energy. 

A Guide to Ring Sizes 

Now that you have a full understanding of the intricate meanings behind each finger, you probably want to find the perfect ring for you right away. But before you get dazzled with an array of men’s rings available, you’ll need to know your ring size. Aside from trying rings on physically in stores, there are also a couple ways you could measure your men’s ring size at home.

Mens Rings Measure Method #1: Use a strip of paper or measuring tape

  • Cut out a good length of paper (or string if that’s more convenient for you) or prepare measuring tape. 
  • Then carefully wrap the paper strip or measuring tape around the finger you’re wearing the men’s ring on. If you’re using a paper strip, then make a inked mark on the spot they overlap and measure the length. If you’re using measuring tape,  note down the measurements you land on after a circle is formed around your finger. 
  • Remember that the paper strip or measuring tape shouldn’t fit too tight, it should fit comfortably around your finger for you to know the right size. 
  • Once you know your measurements, find a corresponding ring chart from the men’s ring merchant, and this should bring you to your perfect first men’s ring!

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Mens Rings Measure Method #2: Measure the rings you already have 

  • This method is more for those who aren’t sure of the differences between the measurements on each ring size chart, and want to try out a new brand for men’s accessories. 
  • Prepare a ruler and the most worn men’s ring in your collection. 
  • Measure the inner diameter of your ring, and find the corresponding size from the ring size chart provided by the brand. You’ll know your exact ring size after this! 
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International Ring Size Chart 

Circumference (mm)  Diameter (mm)  UK, EU, AU US & Canada  China, Singapore, Japan  Hong Kong  Switzerland 
43.89  13.97 F 3 4 6 4
44.48 14.16 F 1/2 3.25 5 5 1/4 
45.11 14.36 G 3.5 7.5
45.74 13 G 1/2 3.75 6 6 1/2
46.37 14.76 H 4 7 9
47.00 14.96 H 1/2 4.25 7 3/4 
47.66 15.17 I 4.5 8 10
48.29 15.37 J 4.75 9
48.95 15.58 J 1/2 5 9 11
49.57 15.78 K 5.25 10
50.20 15.98 K 1/2 5.5 10 12
50.86 16.19 L 5.25 11 3/4
51.49 16.39 L 1/2 6 11 13 12 3/4
52.12 16.59 M 6.25 12
52.75 16.79 M 1/2 6.5 13 14.5 14
53.38 16.99  N 6.75
54.00 17.19 N 1/2 7 14 16 15 1/4
54.63 17.39 O 7.25
55.29 17.6 O 1/2 7.5 15 17 16 1/2
55.92 17.8 P 7.75
56.55 18 P 1/2 8 16 17 3/4
57.33 18.25 Q 8.25 18
57.81 18.4 Q 1/2 8.5 17 19
58.43 18.6 R 8.75 19
59.06 18.8 R 1/2 9 18 20.5
59.69 19 S 9.25 20 1/4
60.32 19.2 S 1/2 9.5 19 22
60.95 19.4 T 9.75 21 1/2
61.58 19.6 T 1/2 10 20 23
62.2 19.8 U 10.25 21
62.83 20 U 1/2 10.5 22 24 22 3/4
63.46 20.2 V 10.75
64.09 20.4 V 1/2 11 23 25
64.72 20.6 W 11.25
65.35 20.8 W 1/2 11.5 24 26
65.97 21 X 11.75
66.6 21.2 X 1/2 12 25 27.75 27 1/2
67.23 21.4 Y 12.25
67.86 21.6 Z 12.5 26 28 3/4
68.46 21.79 Z 1/2 12.75
69.71 22.19 Z + 1 13.25

There are two simple steps to mastering the art of men’s rings. Know the meaning behind wearing a ring on each finger, and carefully choose the ones that you are the most comfortable with. Then with the two methods we have outlined for measuring your ring size, you can easily find the perfect ring for you and join the club of stylish gentlemen with impeccable jewelry.


by Azuro Republic