7 Ways to Wear Different Fashion Accessories | Men’s Style Guide to Dressing with Class

I raised my hand in a signal for another glass of whiskey on the rocks; it was a Friday night, perfect for some time to relax at the bar downtown.

“You have so many accessories on your hands.”

I turned my gaze from the table to the bartender before me. Her green eyes were eyeing the bracelets and watch on my right hand with interest.  I raised my eyebrows in confusion, I didn’t see anything wrong with my accessories.

“Sorry,” she apologizes as she started picking up the empty bottles at the bar table. “I just feel that they don’t fit with your attire.” Her eyes wandered to my fitted suit.

“No worries.” I smiled at her as she walked away. It was true, I was in such a hurry to my meeting this morning that I didn’t have time to pay attention to my outfit today.

Wearing several accessories together is a tricky thing, there are a few points that you have to be careful of. I had forgotten to check the rules today, simply slipping on the accessories in front of me without a second thought.

Below are the few things that you need to be careful of when wearing different accessories:

1. Choose Bracelet Colors to Contrast with Other Accessories 

For businessmen, the color of the bracelet is significant. Most people wear different types of accessories together, but the contrast in color is needed to make them fit well together.

The best way to do this is to have several different watch sets in hand. You can match bracelets and watches first, then aim for different accessories later on.

For a watch set, it is recommended to wear darker colored bracelets to pair up with your watches. The reason for this is because most watches are fancier and more eye-catching, therefore, a contrast in the bracelet makes your outfit seem more balanced.

 If you are wearing only a bracelet, then brighter colors are recommended. With no other accessory to contrast it, you can wear any color bracelet without worrying that it will outshine your watches and rings.


2. Match Your Outfit Colors with Your Accessories  

The color of your attire is also a factor when it comes to choosing your accessories.

When wearing lighter clothing such as light-grey suits, you should wear darker accessories to keep balance and contrast. Stones such as Tiger Eye, Obsidian, and Hematite are great choices for bracelet materials.

On the contrary, if you are wearing darker colored suits, you can choose accessories with brighter colors. The contrast between colors is significant when it comes to making your outfit seem balanced and well-suited.


3. Match Your Skin Tone to Your Accessories

Skin tones are closely related to what accessory fits you best. If you have a warm skin tone, yellow, rose gold, and copper materials are your best choice. Silver on warmer skin tones is also very popular. With cooler skin tones, lighter accessories such as platinum and white gold fit well.

If you are worried that your skin tone won’t match with your accessories, then you can go for darker colored accessories, they go well with any skin tone.  


4. Pick Out Different Styles Based on Material Types

Besides focusing on color, the material of your accessories is also a vital role that needs to be taken into consideration.

For people who are normally dressed in formal wear, thin metal or beaded accessories are more suitable. They give off a sophisticated aura that fits with the more serious occasions.

For casual attire, rope or string made accessories can be worn. These materials show a more easy-going and simpler look.


5. Limit the Number of Accessories

Sometimes less is more. You don’t need to put so many things on your hands in to catch the attention of others. Simple is the key when it comes to balancing accessories with your attire. If you want to wear different kinds of accessories together, it is recommended that you only wear one of each kind. For watches and rings, it is more suitable if you only wear one. But for bracelets alone, you can wear several together.  


6. Keep it Simple

When wearing different accessories together, only wearing one flashy type is the best choice. If you have too many flashy accessories, it will only make your outfit seem messy and chaotic. For me, I think it is best to have a silver watch as the flashy accessory and beaded bracelets as a contrast.


7. Separate the Accessories to Different Hands

Wearing your accessories on different hands is also a good way to avoid looking messy. If you are wearing the same colored accessories, you can separate them to show off their traits without worrying that they will out shadow the other. 

Most people prefer watches and bracelets on different hands; this will lessen the chance of the two accessories not fitting well together.




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