5 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2020 | Gift Ideas For Dads

He stood in front of the display window among the busy high street, intentional eyes focusing on the Father’s day decorations. 

“What do you give the man who has it all?” Chris contemplated. 

Living in such a fast-paced lifestyle, everything of desire could be delivered at the snap of the finger. 

But Chris wanted something different. He wanted a gift that is more meaningful and long lasting with deeper values. It will become a keepsake of his gratitude towards the most influential figure that has been there for him for as long as he could remember. 

As Father’s Day approaches, what better to show appreciation than preparing a thoughtful present for the man who was there with you through all the ups and downs? Celebrate the most important man in your life with 5 gifts that Azuro Republic has carefully chosen for this special occasion. 

For the adventurous dads, 

The playful and brave adventure-seeker will need a trusty companion to accompany him on his every journey, and the Silver Classic Sodalite Bracelet will always be up for the job. The fearless dad will have Sodalite to remind him of his courageous nature, and boost his confidence as he explores the limitless possibilities during his quest of thrill. While shielding him from the negative energy that will surely challenge him throughout the course of his exciting odyssey, you will also be the motivation that keeps him invincible and empowered. 


mens bead bracelet

For the workaholic dads, 

As the hardworking dad spends the majority of time curating his utmost focus on the office, gifting him the Silver Classic Howlite Bracelet will be the most effective way to relieve his stress and elevate his career at the same time. Howlite symbolizes the purity of mind that will encourage him to keep going as he navigates his work-life balance. The white marble surface will represent the clarity that gives him waves of resorting strength that he will wear with him before, during. and after work.

mens bead bracelet

For the artistic dads, 

Invoke the passion in the creative soul with the Silver Dragorse Versemee Bracelet, as each element is delicately crafted to enhance the expressive and compassionate dads. Versemee is the fusion of Red Tiger Eye and Sodalite, and it will unify the flow of inventive energy from the Red Tiger Eye with a ravishing imagination invoked by the Sodalite. It will create a blissful ambience that he could bring anywhere for continuous inspiration.

mens bead bracelet

For the sporty dads, 

The Bucks Head Bracelet, inspired by the NBA team Milwaukee Bucks, will be special for dads with its sleek design that connects the fiery spirit of an enthusiastic sports fan. It is a bold symbol of muscularity that will remind him of the thrill that navigates the exciting and inspiring moments during a game. The handcrafted surface of the bracelet exudes a realistic touch, and will encourage him to never forget the sweetness of the results reaped after a challenge. 

mens bead bracelet

For the classy dads, 

Choosing a wardrobe staple will be a must for one with sophisticated taste. The Azuro Classic Cufflinks will add an impeccable touch to his perfectly ironed suit, and be the elegant essential every gentleman strives for. They can also be personalized with Rhodium, 24k gold, and rose gold finishes, as well as different colored gemstones, to suit his distinctive style and remind him of your gratitude every morning as he slides them into the slit of his shirt. 

mens bead bracelet

Azuro Republic has something to offer for every dad, no matter if they are the silent, thoughtful type, the jokester of the house, or the expressive creative. Join us in honoring them this Father’s Day with a wearable that will highlight their individual colors and a token of your gratitude wherever they go. Additionally, you can gift wrap these thoughtful presents with our luxurious wooden box for that extra, lavish touch.


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