10 Traits That Make a Real Man: Best Ways to Get Attention

10 Traits That Make a Real Man: Best Ways to Get Attention

When you are looking at how to build up a better image and reputation for yourself, one of the best ways to get instant respect and attention is by being and acting like a real man. This means that you need to hold fast to the qualities and characteristics of what it means to be a man, and exhibit them in your everyday life. It might seem like a lot, but you’ll find that what defines a real man, among all other things, is simply great taste, an air of respect, and values that you would be hard pressed to find in this day and age.

No matter what, Azuro Republic is here to help you along on your journey to becoming a real man with 10 defining traits that you can draw on along with our top of the line stone bracelets to take your style to the next level. Not only that, but by representing Azuro Republic, you show the world that you are the epitome of a real man with all of the qualities of one. 


1. He is a leader


A real man has the ability to act as a leader in both social and professional situations, no matter the occasion. Instead of being a follower and simply going along with what other people are doing, real men take initiative and let their actions speak for themselves. When it comes time to make a decision, instead of being indecisive and not being able to make up their minds, real men know exactly what it is they need to do.


2. He lives with order and class


A real man is organized, orderly, and classy. By structuring every aspect of his life, he shows that he is a man on a mission who knows what he is doing. This even goes for factors as simple as keeping his place clean, organizing his belongings, and being on top of his chores and errands such as laundry, bills, etc.

These seemingly insignificant things actually say a lot about a man because they are indicative of his sense of discipline and responsibility. One of the main differences between a boy and a real man is that a boy doesn’t care about his state of living. A real man does whatever it is he needs to do to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of.


3. He always looks put together


Even in his off time, a real man always looks the part. His style, fashion sense, and behavior all come together to give him an air of attractiveness and appeal. Even if his choice of clothing doesn’t match what you’d have in mind when you think of a real man or a gentleman, he never looks like a mess. Even in casual wear, he’ll always look put together, clean, and refined in whatever he chooses to wear.


4. He always keeps his word


When a man says he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it. You won’t have to worry about a real man flaking out and cancelling plans last minute, socially or professionally. On the surface, this may not seem like such a big deal. But this means so much more on a fundamental level. A real man values his time as well as that of others and realizes the importance of upholding a certain set of principles. 


5. He works toward worthwhile goals


Professionally or personally, a man always strives for some kind of goal that involves moving his life forward in an important way. It’s all about making sure that he is going in the right direction to put himself in the best position in life. Not only that, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the end goal. As previously mentioned, a man on a mission who knows what he wants is someone who commands respect and admiration.


6. He stays calm in the face of conflict


When any kind of disagreement arises, a man will stay calm and collected and handle it properly. Too often have I seen men think that being a real man means getting riled up and exacerbating the situation when faced with a conflict. This is not the case at all. A real man stays composed in spite of everything while attempting to resolve the conflict as calmly as possible.

7. He takes proper care of his partner


When it comes to a romantic relationship with someone special and important to him, a real man will make sure that his partner is one of his top priorities in his life. A man knows how to treat women with respect. This goes double for the one you’ve chosen as your partner! Treat your woman well and make her happy. This is one of the trademark qualities of a real man.


8. He is dependable


A real man is entirely dependable. You’re the one your friends should come to for guidance and support. This is not so much because you’re good at anything and everything, but it’s more a matter of being someone who can be relied on when times get hard. A real man is resilient, gets his tasks done, and never fails to manage his responsibilities. Even in his roughest moments, he’ll be able to stay calm and find a solution to any problem that arises. In terms of reliability, a real man is absolutely one of the best people that you can trust to get the right result when push comes to shove.


9. He doesn’t allow doubt to rule his life


We all have moments in our lives when doubt will pop up, but even in those situations, a real man won’t allow that doubt to rule the situation. He’ll take a deep breath, collect himself, and do whatever it takes to persevere. Whether it be taking a step back and considering his options or simply getting through it with sheer willpower.


10. He doesn’t take anything for granted


Whether it be a friend, a place of living, food, a job, or a partner, a real man knows the value of all of the important things in his life. Rather than taking them for granted, he’ll make sure to show his appreciation as often as possible. A real man isn’t someone who is fickle and is always looking for the next best thing. He knows when he’s got something good that is well worth his time. 

Here at Azuro Republic, we’ve set a very high bar for ourselves in our mission to create a world with men with the above traits and characteristics. With our premium stone bracelets, you will wear on your wrist a symbol of the virtues which you stand for.


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